Illustrator and humorist Bruce McCall has passed away

Originally published at: Illustrator and humorist Bruce McCall has passed away | Boing Boing


I was surprised to find I have book of his on my shelf, The Last Dream-O-Rama. I wasn’t familiar with his work but found it randomly in a bin of rejected used book buys where I work, and was immediately drawn to the retro-futuristic style (which I love unironically), not realizing it was satirical until I started seeing things like a car with a built-in basement man cave (a wife drives up above while hubby does woodworking in his workshop below) or the car with slots in the back so you can mix and match your own customized tailfins. Even the stuff I didn’t find particularly funny is gloriously weird and just fun to look at. Good stuff, and the sort of thing that I don’t think could be made by someone who didn’t have direct experience living in the 1950s and growing up surrounded by that culture.


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