Illustrator Drew Friedman writes about working for Jared Kushner


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I’ve always loved Drew Friedman’s art, and whenever I see him pop up on BB I have to pull down that old copy of kar-tunz from my shelf with his Curly Howard portrait.


Drew’s one of my favorite cartoonists of all time.


“…Jared, a huge fan of Ali G…”

And this tells me all I care to know about Jared Kushner.

Drew Friedman’s a master, BTW.


I loved it when his cartoons would pop up in issues of Heavy Metal… the Borgnine ones were my favorite… “Fer chrissakes, we’re all Ernest Borgnines!”


I was hoping for much dirtier dirt. So, Jared’s a callow boor. Noted.


“retained it’s salmon hue”

This means “retained it is salmon hue”.


Thank you! We will correct the error.


Here is what Liz Spiers (founding editor of Gawker) had to say about working for Kushner at the NYO.


I think that the apostrophe should be forever banned from “it’s” - that plural can be both possessive and a contraction as the meaning is easily determined by context. Enough people already screw up the “proper” usage, lets just make life easier by not worrying about it.


We could just do away with contractions entirely.

People would keep slurring their words together like they always have, but I see no need to account for every little elision with special punctuation marks.


Do away with contractions or do away with apostrophes?

Contractions are not going away because if we do not use contractions we will sound like dumb robots.


It will only make it easier for our secret robot overlords to blend in.


Do away with special variant spellings for contractions.

Obviously we can go on pronouncing “will not” as [woʊnt], “do not” as [doʊnt], “do not want to” as [doʊˈwɒnə], etc.


By that logic, “Look at Dali’s car.” means “Look at Dali is car.”


Both are equally likely.


But that will leave some people with absolutely nothing to talk about.


Ali G had an excuse when it was only in Britain, when Tim Westwood, a white middle class son of a bishop, was on national radio sounding like a black Londoner hip hop DJ.

That excuse evaporated when the character was taken to the US. Ali G may have started off as a parody of Tim Westwood, but without that cultural context became racist.

And if you have an issue with cultural appropriation, do not listen to or watch Tim Westwood. He was tolerated in the 80s and 90s because he was one of the few rap/hip hop shows on the radio but he’s still doing the same thing now.


I didn’t have that context and I always saw it as making fun of white people appropriating black culture.