ILM shares 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' concept art

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Whoa… Sorry, I only saw this movie once, but the tie fighters’ wings didn’t collapse like that in the movie, did they? that is really awesome… that one with with Han (#41) would make an awesome poster…


I only wish the TIE wings collapsed like that, it’s a great concept.

Looking at these and especially the “Art of Force Awakens” book, I really got the feeling that they were constrained by time and budget by what they put on screen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a terrific, fun, epic movie, but there’s lots of things in the concept art that would’ve been pricey to put on screen… like lots of crowded street scenes, big cities, and new ship concepts.

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And again, they put that hump on the Imperial Cruiser. It wasn’t there before, so why are they doing it this time?

I like the idea of Tie Fighter wings collapsing for landing, I’m just not keen on them doing so in this fashion, which makes them take up more room when landed. Ideally collapsing wings would take up the same or less footprint.


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