Insane 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' promo: ANA Dreamliner jet painted like R2-D2




Me Likey!


This isn’t the plane you’re looking for.


It does not look like R2-D2.


OMFG! Launches 6/12, Tokyo to Houston.

I have never wanted to go to Houston before. (Perhaps if I lay down, it will pass.)


You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.


On the plus side, you could use it to leave Houston.


Oh, c’mon, everyone knows R2 doesn’t ride in the cockpit, he needs to be behind the pilot, halfway back! Do these people even know how to star wars?


It left Austin-tatious impressions with me.


I was completely unaware, like I am sure the rest of Japan was, that there was a new Star Wars movie coming out until I flew on this plane. Marketing dollars well spent!


Eh, call me when they make a dreamliner look like an X-wing.


please don’t crash, please don’t crash, please don’t crash…


Reminds me of the hype before Episode 1 came out.


Watch your mouth kid or you’re gonna find yourself floating home.


Whatever you do, don’t book a flight on the R5-D4.


ANA must not have any plans to purchase the 737 MAX 8/9…


ANZ already have Darth Vader.



Even before this, I’m sure the most remote hermit here in Japan knows that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out. For whatever reason, Japan seems to adore Star Wars and has been using it in all sorts of cross marketing stuff for years now.


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