I'm back to playing Bobby Cobb's "Penny Can"

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Penny Can™ the game you have been waiting for all your life

Bobby Cob has finally got ownership of penny can back from Lou Dimond Philips
and during these trying times more than ever Bobby Cob and PennyCanCO want you to have exclusive access to this great family game

PennyCanCO has worked very hard to source the highest quality Penny Cans from the greatest American penny can factory, these are top notch penny cans they have been tuned for the correct bounce and sound when a penny lands in the can.

The set also includes 10 brand new American made uncirculated pennies, if you need more PennyCanCo sells them in packs of 20 for 3.00 + 2.00 shipping

This set would regularly cost 55.95 but this pandemic working from home special you can order it for $35.55.

Prices are subject to change.


@Agro That reads like BoingBoing Shop pablum if I ever saw it… just needs to claim 28% discount to be genuine :slight_smile:


Hasn’t this been pretty much played forever? I mean bored kids tossing pebbles into a can from a distance etc…

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Summer version:

Cherry pit spit. Sit on grass (ideally in cherry orchard) with bag of fresh cherries. Place bowl 5 yards away. Eat cherries and try to spit pits into bowl.

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Tertiary thought, “How can we monetize this?” Ah, too late.

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Ahem, I think you mean a paint can.
(I watched this show recently. A mindless escape from the cold isolation of a pandemic winter.)

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tossing cards into a hat is the original and still the best.

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