I'm making a favorite snack: 'Chinese Tea Eggs'

Pins and needles here. Sounds like a mashup of limoncello and ouzo, two of my favorites.


I know I miss out on a lot. But it’s a strong visceral reaction. I have to work hard to even swallow something with anise in it

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I haven’t yet made tea eggs yet. I’ve only watched YouTube videos and wished I had, but usually you’re looking for a cracked appearance after peeling.

I have some loose Earl Grey that neither DH nor myself are fond of, but it might just do for this.

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How does he clean it? Should we start a thread?


My dad used lapsang souchang in place of your Barry’s.

I confess to adding a bit of fresh ginger root and a wee touch of blackstrap molasses. It boosts the umami in the soy sauce, which was always Kikkoman’s (full salt).

These days, I use San-J Organic Tamari since I gave up eating wheat.


He cleans it like his cast iron, mostly. Scrapes it out, heats up, coats with neutral oil. He is more careful about scraping it out bc oil doesn’t adhere as strongly to carbon steel as cast iron. He has used dish soap before without issue, though he doesn’t usually use it.
I typically don’t feel confident enough to clean the wok. He’s convinced me I pretty much can’t mess up the cast iron.
This is the Wok


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