"I'm not a progressive," says John Fetterman, elected while frequently saying he was a progressive

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So who wrote the check that turned JF?


One of these things is not like the others…

The article has a couple paragraphs talking about Fetterman’s criticism of Menendez and I don’t see how that example is at all an indication of him not being progressive. I’d say that trying to root out obvious corruption is a very progressive thing to do. Some of his other positions are another matter though.


Fetterman doesn’t have to worry so much about the primary as an incumbent, so he’s moving more towards the center so he can be re-elected. Pennsylvania is a very purple state now!


I’m wondering too how strategic this is, as opposed to what he believes and hopes to do.

He wouldn’t be the first politician to realize that staying elected means voicing the right cliches. And then doing what you can to act on your conscience.

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I hope you’re right. But between this and his help funding Santos’ “Detached Irony Redemption Tour” via Cameo, the big man is crushing this PA socialist’s heart.


I think the stunt with Santos was politically astute. Anything that keeps Santos in the news damages the GOP’s chances of winning the special election to replace him in Feb. I literally LOL’ed.



Unlike Sinema, I think what he’s upset here is the label.

Looking at his voting record, along with the bills he’s sponsoring, would have me putting him pretty much in the progressive line.


yeah, it doesn’t even get into what specifically he does or doesn’t support about immigration. there’s this:

The senator added that while it’s “not ideal to have this conversation” about asylum and parole policy in connection with an aid package for Israel and Ukraine, “it’s still one that we should have,” given that Republicans have made it an essential condition to advance the supplemental bill.

the other bit is extremely general:

Fetterman insisted he can be pro-immigration while also favoring policies to restrict the flow of migration to manageable levels, disagreeing with progressives who oppose new limits on asylum and bash some of the ideas in the negotiations as cruel.

which progressives? what policies and limits? which ideas? surely nbc news could have spared some electrons to say


Language matters though… by rejecting the term progressive, he feeds into the narrative that being progressive is outside the norms of our political system, when it’s very much not. It allows the far right to paint people who do identify as progressives as “radical” when they are very much with in the norm and it’s the far right that’s way outside the mainstream.

Honestly, I’m sick of the far right getting to dictate terms of discussion. They have no interest in fixing any of the problems we face, and they instead demand we all just go along with whatever they want. It’s time to call things what they are, and stand by principles, rather than playing word games for votes.


How I hope like fuck that you are correct.


It’s also weird that he would run as a progressive, win as a progressive, and then change his mind?


More like infuriating.

I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here, based on what he’s voted for. And also remembering that people do not come in single flavors…any normal person will be conservative on some things, liberal on others, middle on others. Only extremists are consistently on one pole.


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Not sure I agree… there is certainly drift, but I’m struggling to come up with a political position I hold that would be considered “conservative” (as we’d define it today, at least) and I’m struggling… but I don’t think I’m an extremist, though.


I’m pretty big on conservation of energy. I think it’s even a law. Does that count as a conservative belief?


Well, since in modern conservatism, they don’t believe in science, probably not? :rofl:


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Honestly? And I don’t say this to be ableist or anything of that nature, but the near fatal massive stroke and subsequent health issues since then could have something to do with it. My grandfather had micro strokes that changed his entire demeanor mentally and had no idea that he was a different person after. The John Fetterman who started his campaign should be seen as a completely different person than the John Fetterman in office now.

I’m hoping he’ll use this stance on immigration to pivot the conversation where it belongs: not on the illegal and chaotic border crossings that Republicans are using as a racist scaremongering tool but rather on reforming the broken-by-design immigration and naturalisation and asylum system that created the situation in the first place. The Dem establishment has missed this opportunity to change the conversation again and again, so if Fetterman can do it it really doesn’t matter what label he accepts.