Democrat John Fetterman wins PA senate race in first major election call. It's midnight and there's no red wave

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We all Roe, Roe, Roed our votes against the tide of a red… trickle as it turned out!



I’m in the weird situation of being able to vote in Pennsylvania simply because my mother lived there for her first twenty years.

I know you shouldn’t look too much at the polling, but honestly, watching this graph over the last few weeks has NOT been comfortable.

Still. Waking up in Scotland to this news is a huuuuuge weight off my mind, this morning. Fingers crossed for the rest of the nation.

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Things started to look dismal according to polls, as I saw it, around late August, so I’ve been dreading this day (Nov 8-9) and actively not paying attention to the races to save what sanity I have left. This Fetterman news (dippy right wing a-hole Dr. Oz LOSING!) is the first news I’ve seen about the election, and I saw it accidentally.

But whatta relief. Still: Merrick Garland? WHEN are ya…oh nevermind…


I don’t believe I heard anything about the OZ and his questionable “medical” advice on FOX until they showed Obama speaking. I guess they figured nobody watching their show would bother to find out what he meant by that.


Good work on the national level. I’m glad to see Fetterman won, and the senate will hopefully remain firmly in Democratic party hands. House is still iffy, but in a midterm year, that’s amazing. Still… I hoped for more in a year Roe v. Wade went down.

Statewide here in Maryland, well… it’s Democrats all the way, per the usual results. Sure, we get the ocassional slightly less crazy Republican governors, but they have to contend with Democratic state houses. We’ve got a great Democratic governor now in Wes Moore.

Locally though, it’s a fucking nightmare for Frederick county. Two of four school board winners are “hate slate” members, the asshole religious bastards promoting all that anti-CRT rhetoric and anti-diversity book bannings. The county exec switch to GOP hands. City council went to the GOP. I always knew this was a conservative area, but Democratic control over the past 8 years I’ve lived here had me convinced there was more Dems then I realized. Guess I was wrong, it was just the GOP being lazy in their voting habits.

Well, we’re moving next summer and leaving this area. So, fuck them. My wife, a teacher in the country, saw some of the writing on that wall last year, and we started making plans months ago. Hopefully we’ll be gone before these turd blossoms can fuck shit up, but if they get seated before we’re out of here, I’m going to SO go to every board meeting and fuck with them. They want a circus? I’m bringing the clowns.


I hope wherever you’re going next will be better for you both! Best of luck with it.



I’m assuming there’s one second home on the market in PA this morning, priced to go fast so the fascist-enabling snake-oil salesman can go back to NJ ASAP.

Nicely done, too, on roundly rejecting fascist and anti-Semite Mastriano and electing Josh Shapiro as governor.


Overall, Dems did well at the governor level. And about as well as they probably could have expected nationally given the economic situation and the way conservatives are deeply controlled by entrenched propaganda outlets. No red wave. But no blue wave rejection of politicians making women’s healthcare decisions, which is depressing as all fuck. The same bastards who think mask mandates are overreach get to decide if a woman in danger of dying due to an ectopic pregnancy can get the care she needs or not.

We’ll be in either Vermont, a liberal bastion, or Maine, which is politically similar to Maryland if not as liberal as Vermont. I grew up in Maine, so I think we’re leaning slightly more in that direction, plus there’s way more available housing there.


The biggest bummer so far for me is Ohio adding JD Vance to the Senate’s fascist caucus. I was expecting a run-off between Warnock and Walker, but still find it a depressing commentary on the state of American politics that it’s happening.

Not quite the turnout based on rejecting the GOP’s anti-choice agenda one would have hoped for, but I think what there was made a difference. Also, Vermont, California and Michigan will add amendments to their constitutions protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Best on your move. I do think a lot of people will be leaving areas where the fascists and bigots take control in the coming years.


As Frederick fills up with more DC and Md tech corridor folk, it’ll hopefully become more reasonable. Don’t blame you at all for moving, mad respect and sympathy for teachers these days, the last thing they need is a deranged School Board making things worse. Hope you guys find a better place.


If Oz is feeling the pain of crushing embarrassment and humiliation, I happen to be selling an excellent patent nostrum that will do him a world of good.


Our school board choices were either a gun nut or a CRT nut. The CRT nut won. Yay?


I may have spoken too soon. We thought they’d already counted all the mail in ballots, but it turns out there are a ton of those still outstanding, and based on requests made they probably are mostly Democratic. Something like 3 to 1 Dem vs. GOP (not including independents and other parties that might be recognized in MD). So… maybe the tallies will switch enough to matter and the concept this is an area shifting Democratic as I’d thought will be confirmed again. We’ll see.

Man, I would have probably preferred the gun nut in that case. Assuming they didn’t have OTHER troubling viewpoints.


Fetterman was +3 on the night and may end up +5 when it’s all in, margins not reflected in that polling average for months. Indeed, he ends up getting what the polls suggested he would at the point before serious money (some $400million, all told) entered the race and media coverage started in earnest.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it!


Time to dust this one off again (and I hope to be repeating it here some more in the next few hours/days)

All cued up and ready to go at the point where you can all sing along…


Oh, they both have all the troubling viewpoints, it’s just how they prioritize them. Ordinarily, i am opposed to not voting, just try to minimize the damage. Not this one. Couldn’t vote for either one.


Just as there’s no upside for the corporate media in supporting the anti-fascist cause, there’s no downside for them in building their election season coverage around a fundamentally outmoded polling architecture that always skews conservative and obscures the opinions of young people.