New DHS reports reveals terrifying scope of the Department's manufactured Antifa scare

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How is this being ignored by the media? This should be top headline, last-minute surprise that should drop GOP support, especially here in Oregon. It didn’t even get reported in the Oregonian.

It’s like they are getting notes on what they got wrong with their first draft so they can improve for the next go-round.


The vast majority of those who fell for it the first, second, third, etc. time were never convinced it was a hoax in the first place.

Believe all the conspiracies!


Silly reporters posting their phone numbers!


They have important high school sports to report

We can’t expect them to do everything :wink:


The Mercury didn’t even have a blurb in their morning roundup. Maybe this afternoon?


They were too busy parroting “rainbow fentanyl” Halloween scare stories to make sure federal law enforcement agencies continue to get funding increases.

There’s no financial upside for the corporate media or the cops in supporting anti-fascists. That’s been the case for more than a century in the West.


It’s always projection with conservatives.

Also, there are a shitload of elite media reporters (and particularly editors and publishers) who really, really, really want a fully fascist America. Part of this is because they think ratings will be better. And a lot of it is because they tend to be rich, white, and Republican, and therefore, they favor fascism.


IMO - because they think it will create backlash for them.

Corporate Media doesn’t really care, and riots make for good TV. They were nearly gleeful in some of the coverage. In KC we had pretty tame reactions compared to most places. Partly, I think, to the Mayors reactions to it all, and partly with community planners keeping it tame during the day and at night it rarely got out of hand. I remember that the protest down at the fancy shopping district, The Plaza, had a fairly big protest at night, but the only noteworthy violence was a smashed glass door at the Nike store that they kept cutting to - gasp - not the Nike store!!

There already are cries over the media white washing the “violent riots”, this reporting will probably be skewed more as the right saying that the media is once again doing the heavy lifting for the “radical leftists” and ignore the actions of the DHS, or assume it is made up by the media. “I know what I saw on my TV that summer, they were riots and fires all over the place”. etc etc.



also the latest shooting by police:


That’s because American society has allowed itself to be manipulated and conditioned to believe that anyone slightly to the left of Atilla the Hun is a raving Communist. According to current Republican ideology, I’d be bundled in with Stalin and Mao for supporting the idea of an actual democracy.
I’ve never voted for the U.K. Labour Party, the nearest I get is supporting our Liberal Democrat’s, who are slightly left of centre.
And now America has Musk openly campaigning for voters to create a real Fascist government and State.


Holy crap! I mean, it’s not like the government hasn’t done this kind of shit before, but to have actual documented evidence of it is huge. My thanks to Senator Wyden for bringing that to light, and to Gizmodo, but the fact that it’s not a major headline everywhere is deeply disappointing.


Nothing in The Merc’s afternoon roundup either…kinda disappointed (not nearly enough to stop enjoying their local snark though)


It’s fucking COINTELPRO all the fuck over again… who did they assassinate this time, I wonder? Which organizations did they infiltrate and bring down from within? How many lives were ruined by this shit?

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“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.”
― Henry Kissinger


Interestingly enough, all of the conspiracy-sounding reports from progressives have been verified to be 100% true:

Police directly coordinating with white suppremacists

Plainclothes police smashing windows and destroying property

Feds in unmarked vehicles snatching people off the streets without any due process

Trump utilizing traditionally non-enforcement agencies to do the dirty work smashing skulls

MAGA terrorist threats and attempted assassinations at every level of government

Trump gassing peaceful protestors and arresting a minister in a church to have a photo op with an upside down Bible

Innocent mothers having their car windows smashed and taken into custody for no reason while the cops are applauded by the press for kidnapping her child

Numerous instances of voter fraud both at the official and individual levels

Congress lowlifes announcing real-time positions of members of the chain of succession to terrorists attempting to assassinate them

Every one of those things is immediately provable now, but sound like crazy talk out of context.

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I am not at all surprised by this revelation. COINTELPRO still lives.


@thomdunn In your final paragraph you mention that the Antifa conspiracy was funded by the DNC. I didn’t see that in the article which stated fairly clearly that it was Trump’s DHS which perpetrated this fraud.

“there are plenty of people who will continue to insist that the DNC-funded Antifa conspiracy was real”

I didn’t think I needed the tag around those words, given all of the context presented before that. I thought it was pretty clearly a callback to the first paragraph where I wrote

The then-President of the United States of America and his supporters encouraged the idea that there was a massive conspiracy of hyper-organized anarchist anti-fascists in the city working under direct orders from George Soros and/or the Democratic National Committee to cause civil unrest and destabilize the region in order to ensure a Democratic victory in the upcoming election.