I'm sitting right next to Whitfield diffie


I’m sitting next to diffie. I’m fucking sitting next to diffie. I’m Fucking sitting next to diffie.


I had a similar reaction when once I sat next to Morimoto.


Cool, but it’s not like you are bowling next to Chaka Khan :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m never washing my right hand. He is a gracious, cool dude.



Needs more pickle


I was pretty excited the first time I met Bruc Schneirer so I understand the feeling here


I came to the realization today that if @dan_kaminsky walked into the room I wouldn’t recognize him. Dan, take pitty on us little peons.


I was “internet friends” with Marcus Ranum back in the late 90s/early 00s but never met him in person. These days he’s famous for photography rather than firewalls.


I once met Phil Zimmerman at a shop my wife worked at in Palo Alto. We spent a while chatting. He was interested (but not impressed) with the encryption my Palm VII.


I exchanged a couple of emails with Steve Mann. Dude’s a fucken champ.


I had the misfortune of being Zimmerman’s handler once here in Japan.

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