I'm sorry, I‘m a coward. I didn’t want to die." Patty Hearst interview


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If they had kidnapped Bruce, it’d all turned out different.


I remember how badly the media was painting her when I was a kid. I was just starting to become aware of the political environment around the world at the time, and it took a while for true understanding of what had happened because it wasn’t one of those things we talked about at the dinner table.


I think she served as an example that american nationalist elements wanted. They were pushing the theory that young people were being corrupted by “foreign” elements(Socialism, unapproved drugs, empowered women,people of color, etc etc.) and that was why white older men weren’t being trusted like they should.


And it’s still happening today!! What are we being corrupted by now? Socialists, Political Correctness, the Main Stream Media… uh, something else. It’s not devil worshippers any more. Video games? Is that still after us? The Internet?


I get the feeling Reagan only considered pardoning her because of her family name.


Ya think…



Just so. I remember the grownups discussing it, and one of the adult family members rolling her eyes and saying, “she [Hearst] -said- she’d been forced into it…”. Like being kidnapped wasn’t a good enough reason.


“Traumatic Neurosis with Dissociative Features” it almost feels like the whole damn country is suffering from this.

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