Gwyneth Paltrow on Harvey Weinstein in 1998: "He will coerce you"

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Well, that was kinda painful to watch.

She looked sooooo uncomfortable. Makes one look at the nervous giggling of celebrities on talk shows in a new light. If one watches talk shows, that is (I don’t, generally – the nervous twittering always put me off. Now I know why)


If anyone is targeting Paltrow for criticism over this they need a slap in the face to wake up. That’s what we call victim blaming.

But beyond that, there were definitely thousands of people who knew what was going on and did nothing about it. Paltrow and MacFarlane are examples of people who were speaking the loudest, even if only because everyone else was silent. Calling out those who were bravest for scorn doesn’t seem like a good way to promote bravery.


It’s complicated. In defense of the people who didn’t speak out, the victims had to face the considerations of not being believed and fear of a powerful person in Weinstein. The latter applies to those who knew.
But where the complicity really lies, for me, is with a corporate media who regularly would rely on anonymous sources but not for this.
Fear of Weinstein should have been a non-issue for the media; to a great extent, they made Harvey. So any fear on their part could have been easily negated by reminding him that hey made him and Miramax and TWC, and to ask him for a self-serving statement full of lies.
And then things may have mostly ended there, but people would have been known and he’d have fewer victims. At the least.

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