Gwyneth Paltrow to Letterman about Weinstein in 1998: "He will coerce you to do a thing or two"


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Am I imagining that Letterman seemed to know that Weinstein was a sexual predator then? Hindsight is 20/20 and may be affecting the way I percieve the conversation but, still it does appear that he is implying things.


I’m sure she was just talking about cocaine and bad rom-coms… /s


Bear in mind that Paltrow is the daughter of a major TV producer (Bruce Paltrow) and a famous actor (Blythe Danner). I don’t know what Weinstein coerced her to do, but however bad it was it must have been far worse for ingenues without her family’s social capital in the entertainment industry.


I despise so much of what Paltrow does these days (especially her non-film businesses) that it’s a little jarring to be reminded of just how lovely she can be.

And I miss Dave.


but isn’t this how ‘powerful institutions’ work? your mind shies away from how awful it is because you have to live inside it… letterman might ‘know’ because it has been said to be ‘an open secret’…

when we talk about cultural inculcation it isn’t explicitly coded as: ‘we should expect women to perform sexual favors’ so much as ‘maybe i don’t have to personally examine what sexual predators are doing because it might not be that bad and i really can’t afford to affront him.’


She might just be doing something outside of the movie biz for reasons.

(Signed not a Goop fan.)


I see this Harvey story becoming an Oscar-winning movie soon enough.


Someone needs to coerce Harvey into shaving his damn neck.


For some reason, a scene from The Color Purple - when Celie shaved Mister with a straight razor - popped into my head.


Sure you’re not thinking of Sweeny Todd?


Do you suppose GOOP is another awful thing that can be laid at Weinstein’s feet?


Yeah, he was MUCH more thorough! :scream:


Closest shave he’ll ever get


The cast will be all men as they truly have the emotional range and depth of understanding to play such rolls… /s



close but not too close


Hey! Someone’s got to spread the word about vagina steaming and all sorts of crazy expensive woo!


Hear, hear! Oh, hear hear!!


That look in her eyes basically says “don’t slip up and make him mad or my career may be toast”