In unsealed court papers, Weinstein suggested Jennifer Aniston should be killed for complaining about him

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Oh my—just as Mike’s Presidential campaign was starting to take off, too.


I’m honestly a bit surprised he didn’t have anyone murdered, given what he did do, and the kind of morally bankrupt ex-spies he hired to investigate and smear his victims. It’s exactly guys like him who have people killed for “crossing” them.

Actually… are we sure he hasn’t? Up until recently he relied on his power shielding him from any consequences, but in the last couple years, has anyone connected to him dropped dead mysteriously?


Not quite related to the specific topic, but I just watched the Entourage episodes where Maury Chaykin plays “Harvey Weingard”, an abusive Hollywood producer.

What a character.

Not based on anybody real, I’m sure.

I miss Maury Chaykin. He was fantastic.


It’s a well known fact that rapists will do anything to stay out of jail, anything.


Just because you’re morally bankrupt enough to have someone killed doesn’t mean you’ve got the competency or the contacts to actually pull it off without getting caught.

The dilemma in hiring contract killers is that you’re stuck in one of the following scenarios:

  1. You ask someone, they refuse. Now you’ve got at least one person who could testify you were looking to have another person killed.
  2. You ask someone, they agree, then take your money but don’t go through with the job. Now you’re out a bunch of money AND you’ve got someone who could testify you were looking to have another person killed. And it’s not like you can just sue for breach of contract.
  3. You ask someone, they agree, then bungle the attempt. Now you’ve got someone who is highly motivated to testify that you paid to have another person killed.
  4. You ask someone, they agree, then succeed in the attempt. Now you’ve got someone who is perfectly positioned to blackmail you for life, or at least testify against you if they are ever caught for future crimes. Plus, you know this person is perfectly capable of killing you. You could always try to hire another killer to take out the first but then you’re just compounding the original problem with a new player.

IMO, guys like him lack the wherewithal to find the kind of people loyal enough to carry out and hide a killing. Its not like mafia hitmen are available for hire on the open market. It takes a special kind of loyalty/professionalism to have effective murder for hire. The Mafia relies on both a culture of silence and brutal retaliation for breaking it. Something your average rich schmuck won’t have going for them.

Its one thing to get a bunch of feckless scared studio people and entertainers scared into not talking about rape. They can be blackmailed and threatened with destroyed careers.

There is no “accessory to” crime for sexual assault. Doing the same for a murder makes one a felon in of itself. When prison is a possibility, I would think most people would simply say, “I’m not going down with that jerk!”


Then there is the ill fated show Action! with Jay Mohr which featured a version of the Weinstein brothers as a bunch of sick pervos 20 years ago.


You’re in some deep shit now, Weinstein. When you mess with one of my Friends, you mess with me!


I can’t imagine how Ms Aniston is feeling right now.


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No one told Harvey life was gonna be this way
His reputation’s a joke, he’s broke
His ass is the D.A.'s
It looks like he’s stuck with sex-offending peers
It just hasn’t been his day, his week, his month
Or even his year




Kill them myself?
Got it.


OK, I hate to ask this…

I live in the Midwest. I don’t have much contact with actors and actresses working at the levels of show business involved.

I “knew” that Harry Weinstein had a casting couch. Nothing direct, but just rumors and gossip.

Is this really something that people were surprised about?

I’m just glad that the fucker finally got it and will die in jail.


It’s not just who had heard the rumors. It’s who was willing and able to testify against him in a court of law.

After everything that has been written about what he did to the people who tried to speak out against him it’s not really surprising that it took so long to put him away.


@Brainspore you seem to have thought this one out! :slight_smile:



Just so we’re clear, I’m actually rather fond of Jennifer Aniston and hope she’s OK.


kind of a shame that so many “fictional” plots derive not from the imagination of the writers but from real lived experiences.

I shudder to learn of a real life antecedent to the red wedding, for instance.