Barbara Walters tells Corey Feldman "you're damaging an entire industry" when he warns of Hollywood abuse


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What in the hell is going on?!

Donald Trump is President.
Nazis are marching in our streets.

Seriously…End times man. It’s the only explanation.

Watch Courtney Love warn young actresses about Harvey Weinstein back in 2005

“You’re damaging an entire industry”

And? How is that not justified?


This shit makes my blood boil. That any person would tell a victim of sexual abuse and sexual harassment that they need to “think of the industry”. And this coming from a woman that probably had to endure some stuff in a male dominated world


“you’re damaging an entire industry”

No Barbara, that would be the pedophiles and rapists who are damaging an entire industry. Ms Walters needs to fuck right the fuck off.


Nothing new from a lightweight who’s always been as arse-kisser to those in power, no matter how awful they are. See also Assad and Kissinger. She makes Larry “Softball” King look like Edward R. Murrow.


When people bury their heads over sexual abuse revelations, I’m not convinced that vested interests are always their first or only motive. It doesn’t explain all the members of the public who didn’t (and don’t) want to believe that Michael Jackson or Rolf Harris ever did anything.

When “nice” people hear about abuse, it’s very common for them to have reactions like:

  • This truth is more unpleasant than the one I believed yesterday, so I choose the previous truth
  • The best way for me to support this person is to help them believe the bad thing didn’t happen to them
  • They’re shaming themselves by admitting that someone defeated them in the sexual power game; I must protect them from themselves

If you assume Barbara Walters is simply in the pocket of Big Abuse, that’s just a different way of ignoring uncomfortable systemic problems.


I’m surprised Corey didn’t just walk out after that


Just so everyone is clear on what this interview is, this is not a new interview. I’m not sure what year it’s from, but Barbara Walters retired from the View 3 years ago? 4? And Sherri Shepherd hasn’t been on in 3 or 4 years either. Also, Corey Feldman has his own issues when it comes to his treatment of young women in Hollywood. I’m not saying anything he said in this interview is wrong. I am saying he has not exactly been a part of the solution.


I thought is was poor choice of words, and less that she wanted to protect the problem. Walter’s response is common when someone is accusing an entire population, especially if Walters believes she knows good people within the set.


And what did losing Corey Haim do to ‘the industry’, Ms. Wawa?


That makes more sense of it, not less. Stockholm Syndrome is real.


Corey Feldman is no saint, that’s pretty well known and he’s responsible for his missteps. It’s still important to acknowledge that he has suffered because of the abuse that he and Corey Haim went through when they were young actors, and the people in Hollywood responsible need to be taken to task for preying on child actors.


I think that it is clear this is older content, and your point about Feldman’s own issues (past and present) are sort of where my head went to instantly. In this moment he is the one being a voice of reason “It’s a many feathered bird” was a great comment and incredibly apt. Curses and blessings abound going into that industry as a child.

I just…what is going on in this world. Things are so upside down its astounding.


Barbara Walters isn’t nice people. Barbara Walter has ever been willing to put a happy face on and provide a platform for the monstrous.


No i think in her case its about keeping the Status Quo. She had to fight to get to where she was and she’s not interested in some young upstart shaking things up for her and others in her kind of position.


Corey Feldman deserves a ton of credit. He started speaking out about this years ago. Admittedly, the two Coreys used to bug me for a long time, but he deserved to be heard and believed. On another note, it was a disgrace that Corey Haim was left out of the “In Memoriam” Oscars segment after his death. Yes, the guy had struggles in his later years but he made hundreds of millions of dollars for the film studios. Some thanks.


In my experience, many of those same people have an abusive person in their past, so they have the mental apartment in stockholm to check into and out of as needed, to get along.

I don’t disagree with you, by the way.

I assume it’s the other way around.

Or has been.

Her callousness seems to me the outward sign of a poorly healed wound.

That said, so does most of what Corey Feldman has done for the last 10 years, but thats not a story that’s done being told.


“You’re damaging an entire industry”

That would only be true if they’re all pedophiles and rapists.

If so - good. Whatever it takes.


Once Trump showed up literally every other person became “the” voice of reason.