Corey Feldman names one of his childhood molesters

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Horrifying allegations, which I’ll assume to be true until evidence suggests otherwise.

Dr. Oz is still human garbage though.


I simultaneously hope for but am horrified by the prospect of more actors to come forward and backup Corey’s allegations with their own stories of Grissom. If that doesn’t happen and Grissom disputes Feldman’s story, I don’t know what to believe.

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NBC’s Today Show promotes the hell out of him


I don’t really follow celebrity culture, but it’s my impression that Mr. Feldman is, shall we say, something of a “complex character” too.

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Huh. At least the kid who played “Chunk” apparently grew up to be a pretty well-adjusted human being.

Probably because he got out of Hollywood!

Maybe I’m succumbing to a whipped-up moral panic being created in the news, but it’s starting to seem like very, very few people in Hollywood are well-adjusted.


Actually last I heard he was an entertainment lawyer.


I was hoping it was short for Ozzy.

The part of the headline that upsets me: “one of.”

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What do you expect? Like politics, entertainment is an industry that rewards liers and fantasists.


It’s never too late to get on the molestation bandwagon.

Feldman has been talking about sexual abuse for several years. What’s new is that he’s naming a molester.


To be fair, he named his molester to the LAPD who decided to do nothing.


Pretty sure molesters use windowless vans.

As we were leaving, a precession of babes were making their way up the grand staircase to Corey’s bedroom. “You guys headed upstairs to sleep?” asked one of the party guests. “Ha! Sleeping is probably the last thing we’ll be doing tonight!” came the reply.

Well. Yeah. I mean, isn’t it always?

Unless you wake up again in the middle of the night, I guess.

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Please, do not succumb. :slight_smile: I think you’d agree that sexual abuse is certainly not limited to (or proven to be more prevalent in) the entertainment industry. (ex: Catholic Church [wherein there also was an explosion of related articles and accusations], although some wags out there might say the Church is in the same kind of business).

It helps to consider that the abusers being identified are people in power, and the powerful exist in all parts of society. “Power” is the operative word, not “geography”.

Also, I think it’s already been noted elsewhere that the reason for the abused in “Hollywood” coming out in such numbers now is because they at last feel safe and less isolated; they don’t feel as powerless as before in their line of work. The current dynamics hint at the likelihood of other lines of work being ‘outed’.

As far as “it’s starting to seem like very, very few people in Hollywood are well-adjusted”, all I can offer is that the only real numbers out there so far are the number of abusers identified and the number of accusers… and the latter outnumber the former. And I assume these “Hollywood” accusers are not being looked at as being maladjusted; good. I believe people should be wary of wide brushes and how they are used.




I was referring to Dr. Oz (who, I agree, could have had Feldman on to discuss this years ago).

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Cashing in on personal Trauma … really ? Can’t spill the beans without a box office pay off?

As horrible as it is to be a survivor but 'can’t tell all till the movie comes out? " Is this late stage capitalism?

Don’t know how accurate this is. A duckduckgo search just gave me a heap of links to the current news re. Corey…