Corey Feldman performs "Go 4 It" live on the Today Show


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oh, my.


If you had asked me yesterday, Do you think it’s possible to love Corey Feldman ANY MORE than you already do, I would have said no. MY GOD I was wrong.


It looks like he is still having fun.


As we say here in the South, “Bless his heart.”


From your knowledgeable stance on all things Corey, I assume you have you seen Lost Boys: The Thirst. For everyone else, that movie is a motherfraking masterpiece. I rate it 6 stars out of 5.



Cocaine is a helluva drug, etc.


Made possible by money & cocaine


“Well uh, probably because I know that angels probably saved me once or twice in my life, and I like helping them as well… that’s why I created Corey’s angels as a way to help girls who are like, kinda lost and needed to find their way to get their oppurtunities, their dreams, and make them realities. And that’s what we do, we try to make their realities their dreams” In front of his band, consisting of women in garter belt angel outfits, with placed smiles.


He’s living his dream. And while I’m not downloading it the song was about 1000000x better than I expected. Also the dude is a good dancer.

I hear weird shit that’s none of my business about his private life. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone or shit like that it’s none of my business.

Aren’t I usually one of the mean assholes around here? There’s some cynical motherfuckers in this thread.


I’m sorry. I can’t. I just can’t.


Is he making a play to take over Charlie Sheen’s audience? Because it felt very Charlie Sheen.


Corey Feldman from the 80’s?


Corey and his “angels” were on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap (that show … ugh) a couple of years ago. My opinion of him went way, way down after that. The whole situation with him and his angels is very creepy and skeevy.



Thankfully, not Cory Feldmann from the 19A0s, who took his money from the successful series Edgar the Vampire Slayer and turned it into a media empire and a creepy run for President on the Democratic ticket; his money looked good on paper, but his erracticity led to President Palin.


Have you lost your mind? I actually really like Corey but this is not a good look. From the creepy Jacko costuming to the horrible dancing to the random and not at all necessary rap cameo I am sincerely wondering if he has turned on a computer or listened to any music in the last ten years besides his own. Sure, it keeps him in the spotlight but now he looks utterly like a joke. I would rather see him use what influence he has left to help a more talented musician (perhaps one of the angels?) start a career.
Not trying to be cynical or mean… But it was quite bad.


Um… okay.


Those women looked extremely uncomfortable that whole time he was up there speaking


There’s nearly six minutes of my life I am never getting back