Peter Jackson says Harvey Weinstein made him pass actresses for LotR


A substantial confirmation of Weinstein’s MO.


I had a crush on Sorvino in the 90s. Always wondered why I never saw much of her, guess now I know.


By the end of this I expect HW and his management team will be in prison for conspiracy, and we will see some smiles that haven’t seen the light of the camera in many years.


I feel like Jackson’s statement clarifies things. Like, the actual nuts and bolts of just how Weinstein abused his power- What actually made the difference between just using a “big man on campus” thing to appeal to impressionable young starlets, versus actually coercing them with real threats to their career… and actually followed through.


Exactly. And people like Peter Jackson could be influenced without being wittingly complicit, which makes for tremendous influence to be used for Weinstein’s nefarious goals.


Here’s hoping. But AFAIK, none of his enablers have faced consequences. Bob Weinstein still heads The Weinstein Company and owns a majority stake.


Perhaps not everyone in Tinsel Town knew he was a sexual predator, but his reputation as a bully sure proceeded him.


early days, early days.


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