Actor Paul Sorvino says Harvey Weinstein "ought to hope he goes to jail" or "I will kill the motherf*cker"


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best news I have heard all week.


He had it coming…


Fuck you, pay me.


Frankly i see this as Time Delayed Self-Defense™*

*patent pending


Jail may not be safe for Weinstein either. Sorvino’s character… in prison… holding a razor blade.


Presumably, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta will be on the hit squad.


mobster voice

I’m not saying Weinstein has a hit on him, but if he were to show up dead maybe its because he fell down some stairs and then accidentally shot himself in the head a few times on the way down.


I really wish I knew what he had in those grocery bags. And that I was invited over or dinner tonight. Something tells me that man can cook.


Just ignore the butcher knife and the screams out back. He’s taking care of something. Dinner however will be wonderful, pasta like you won’t believe.


But not one to mince words.


Something tells me he’s not the only one gunning for Weinstein. Not only do you have all the allies and loved ones of his victims finding out what happened, you have his victims only now finding out how badly he screwed them over, finding the evidence that he blacklisted them. If something happens to Weinstein, Sorvino would probably be pretty low on the list of suspects.


Actually, in the movie Sorvino’s character didn’t mince the garlic. He sliced the cloves width-wise paper-thin, then let them dissolve in the hot oil.

I have Henry Hill’s cookbook, but I don’t recall he recommending therein that method of handling garlic.


Just think about how much better the movie would have been if he had one of these:

Or even more than one, he could have bought some for his friends.

Maybe he’ll use one on Weinstein’s balls…


If he has any.


That one made me shift in my chair.



After he’s found guilty, they ought to string Weinstein up from the ankles like a piñata and let his victims and their loved ones take turns. Granted there’s no candy, but the sounds coming out of him would be its own reward.


I feel like when a star like him just tosses you pure gold like that, your duty as a reporter is to shut off the cameras and immediately leave him alone. Not even a thank you. Just get the fuck out of there


There are fates worse than death. Sorvino could learn a thing or two from Rooney Mara.