What did Harvey Weinstein do on his last days of freedom?

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Except for the person whose job is to monitor him in the glass bathroom.


Weinstein: I need to get my mind off my problems for a couple hours. What’s that movie with the three hot blonde broads on the poster all about?
Ticket Agent: You mean Bombshell?
Weinstein: Hubba hubba!
Ticket Agent: …it’s about a group of women who take down a powerful media mogul for a decades-long history of sexual harassment.
Weinstein: [GROAN] …fine, how about that other one?
Ticket Agent: You mean The Assistant? It’s about a young woman who lands a job at a film production company only to learn that her new boss is a creepy sexual predator who coerces the women who work for him to provide him with sexual favors for career advancement.
Weinstein: [awkward pause] …and he’s the hero, right?
Ticket Agent: No he is absolutely not.


A rapist shithead merits free air time for his pet communications professional to drum up sympathy over the inhumanity of someone (he can’t dominate) watching him poop.

Meanwhile, there’s a mom somewhere who just went to county lockup for kiting a check, trying to get by until payday. She can’t afford a publicist, so apparently she must deserve ritualized dehumanization.


If the answer isn’t “eat shit and die” I’m not interested.




I just don’t understand why this bellend didn’t flee the country when he had a chance.

[edit: flee, not for]


Didn’t what for the country? Are you under the impression he gives a shit about anyone but himself? Because he does not.

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Meant to type “why he didn’t flee the country when he had a chance” maybe?

To that topic: Weinstein had to surrender his passport at part of his bail arrangement so it would have been hard for him to pull a Roman Polanski even if he could find a country willing to shield him from extradition. Prior to his arrest he probably never really thought he’d be held accountable for his crimes. And he wasn’t far wrong considering it took decades of wrongdoing and 90 women coming forward just to get those three convictions.


Except he’s in a hospital. So it’s actually a hospital room set up like a prison cell. That may not seem like much of a meaningful distinction, but the fact is, his publicist deliberately misrepresented the situation to obscure the fact that Weinstein, a convicted rapist, isn’t actually in prison. And his hospital room probably isn’t much like a real prison cell either.


He’s a white man… why should he go to real jail… /s


He really didn’t expect to be convicted. He’s gotten away with it this long, and a lot of people thought the prosecutor was being wildly ambitious and had no hope of winning. (He did get off of the more serious charges, so they weren’t completely wrong.) That he was convicted at all was quite a legal upset in some ways. Thankfully.

He’s suffering so much in his fake jail, we should all feel so sorry for him!


Do you need a passport to drive to Mexico, or just to get back to the US?

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Neither if you’re driving…

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How sad, too bad, never mind.

What did Harvey Weinstein do on his last days of freedom?
I don’t know, what did Harvey Weinstein do on his last days of freedom?
Who cares, this shit never ends.



I request an immediate screen treatment for this pitch.

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I don’t care about what he did on the last day he breathes as a free man.

I want to hear about his first day in prison. I want to hear about how he is paying for his heinous crimes. I want to know he won’t be able to run his couch ever again. And I want other people to get it through their thick skulls that this is what we do to rapists, not to do the Brock “The Rapist” Turner stuff.


I agree and disagree. I agree that I don’t fucking care with this rapist prick did on his last days of freedom. I disagree about the rest, because I don’t care if I ever hear about this pile of festering snot ever again.