What did Harvey Weinstein do on his last days of freedom?

I’m wondering if Harvey’s going to pull a Ken Lay and “Die”. I suspect his agents are looking for a homeless man who looks enough like him that they can do a switcheroo and spirit the actual Harvey away to a tropical island somewhere.


the walls are all clear plastic or glass so that people can monitor him 24/7.

man, what a lousy job

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I’m not gonna watch that clip, so I ask, Monitor him for what, suicide? Like that other pedophile rapist that had his pedo-island in the Caribbean?

thanks, I did typo that.

I get it wouldn’t have been easy to do, but I just think it is very interesting that he’s hiring crack Israeli dark-ops espionage experts to surveil and harrass his multiple victims for years, but he can’t marshal enough operational initiative to Carlos Ghosn his way into a big crate and ship himself to a non-extradition country.

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In many ways it’s even harder for a rich, powerful, privileged person to leave it all behind than it is for a normal person. Just losing control of his company was a crippling blow to his self-identity. Even if we assume he’s healthier than he looks, it wouldn’t be easy for a 67-year-old conditioned to a life of luxury to leave behind the houses and riches for a life on the lam.

Also, unlike high-profile international fugitives such as Roman Polanski and Carlos Ghosn it doesn’t look like Weinstein had any established foreign citizenships/residency status he could exploit to start a new life abroad.


To drive to or from Mexico or Canada as a U.S. citizen, you have to have either the passport book or the passport card. Everywhere else, you can only use the passport book.

You haven’t left the country for a while if you didn’t know that there are full passport controls at both our northern and southwestern borders now.


Um… I’m going to guess it’s either basketball or hair of the dog.
Do I win?

I agree it wouldn’t be easy, but if its Rikers or taking my chances without papers on a random street somewhere in the third world, I’m keeping my options as open as I can.

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Again, I don’t think he really believed he’d be doing time in Rikers until long after any opportunity to flee had already passed him by. He successfully avoided accountability for his crimes for decades. It’s hard to break through that kind of conditioned belief.


When “normal” people go to prison, their families are frequently shattered and bankrupted. And when they get back out, their lives are often irreparably ruined.

Harvey’s cronies are doing just fine, and when he gets out he’ll still be rich.


I wouldn’t be surprised if HW ends up killing himself. I was totally surprised that JE did.

I don’t mean it’s “easier” for a poor person to endure prison than a rich person. Clearly that’s not the case.

I mean the idea of summoning the willpower to abandon all of one’s wealth, possessions and social connections to live on the run from the law (as was suggested Weinstein could have done) can be psychologically more for challenging for someone who actually has more of those things in the first place.


Double good

Honestly, he probably paid a decent sum for the air time. Inside edition takes money from pretty much anyone in exchange for air time.

Either that job gets assigned on seniority, or else they draw straws and the short one gets Weinstein Watch duty.

Someone needs to come up with a plugin for FFmpeg that that recognizes Harvey Weinstein’s name in credits and automatically adds an asterisk next to his name. Bonus points if it’s in the same font.


Actual photograph:


That never works out well in the movies when they do this with the supervillain. Maybe they should reconsider his accommodations.

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Did he spend the time training up a clone to do the time?
Was he developing early-onset Alzheimers (which turns out to be temporary)?

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My guess is:

Cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine.

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