Actor on Transparent says Jeffrey Tambor sexually assualted her


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When the dust has settled, Mike Pence will be the last man left in America with a job.


I saw this a few days ago. Seriously, this upsets me more than all the others. I love Jeffrey Tambor-- from before Larry Sanders all the way through Transparent. He’s a brilliant actor.


Jesus christ. You’d hope the set of something like Transparent would be free of this kind of behaviour.


We’ll just have to see what his wife has to say about that.



I kind of resent the idea that Mike Pence suddenly looks like a genius for refusing to be alone with any woman other than his wife, because that implies that either:

  1. Women are vindictive lying whores who are making this all up, or
  2. Men are incapable of controlling themselves when placed alone with women.

I spend time alone with young women in my office all the time. In fact it would be grossly inappropriate if I refused to do so, because as a college professor meeting one-on-one with students during my office hours is an integral part of my job. I’ve never sexually harassed anyone or been accused of same. This doesn’t mean I’m a saint or a hero. It just means I can successfully navigate some of the bare minimum standards for human decency.


Women are not “vindictive lying whores who are making this all up”.

But some human beings are, and some of those human beings are women.


Those of us who were suggesting that a woman with a trans background would have been a far better casting decision - are still suggesting that.


I really should know who these people are. I’m sure a real hipster would.


Ok, that put me off my lunch.


I don’t follow. Where are you going with this statement?


That’s Tom Hanks.





Moving those goalposts so we remember the real victims are men falsely accused… /s


You might be interested in this NY Times article today written by (I believe) a Christian woman critiquing “the Pence” rule.



“Oh, not all women are lying whores but some sure are…” seems to be the roundabout message that was being conveyed.


Pretty much. Yet more goalpost moving and derailing in these sexual assault/harassment thread. it’s getting pretty tedious.


Heya! Transperson here. I would like to see more transgender actors landing roles, including, naturally, as transgender characters.

But I very much do not want transgender characters to exclusively be played by transgender actors, or cisgender characters to be exclusively played by cisgender actors. Transgender folks would never get to play Shakespeare (Viola from Twelfth Night aside), or Austen, etc. were that the case, and I do not want that.