Immediately after Mike Pence's departure, reasonable Indiana Republicans began undoing his work


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Let me guess, Keith Cooper is black.



Pence really is the best impeachment insurance.


It’s stuff like this that gives me some tiny amount of hope for the republican party.


Honi soit qui mal y pence

(Let him be ashamed who is as bad as Pence)


Given that Indiana is a VERY red state, Pence probably thought it was safer (for his then position) to kowtow to his lovely racist constituents.


ISTR that the latest PPP poll had something to say about that.

Ah, here it is, Q.21: Who would you rather was President: Mike Pence or Donald Trump?
Mike Pence …30%
Donald Trump …38%
Not sure…32%

Although, looking at p.33 of the PDF, that’s basically split along party lines. For Dems it’s 44%/9% for Pence/Trump (with 47% saying “neither?”), while for Reps it’s 12%/77% (with 11% saying “who’s this ‘Pence’ fella?”)


Or he is just straight up racist.


…or both!!


Oh great. Now we have to live with four years of Colonel Klink syndrome. I would have thought there was a TV Trope for Colonel Klink syndrome (you can’t get rid of (whoever) because he’d be replaced by someone worse), but I can’t find one.


Pence is a biblical shitstain on humanity.


Related to Shorty Shitstain?


On the other hand he seems less likely to start World War III. So on balance I’d say still worth the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Maybe coming in on the heels of a just-impeached President might even give Pence some pause before trying to enact his more radical ideas.


Let’s hope. But his probably willingness to sign into law the republican Congress’s “non-radical” ideas still sucks.


Honestly I don’t think Pence would last long.
He doesn’t have Trump’s ability to rile up the assholes.


Especially since as a resident of his own state, he could very well have been one of his own racist constituents.



I heard the reason Pence hitched himself to the Trump wagon is that he was so unpopular in Indiana, he wasn’t going to win reelection.


I heard that too. Even before Trump picked him NPR reported that the GOP leaders were pushing him as VP because they were afraid of losing if he ran as governor again.

I guess Indiana voters are fickle. His push to legalize discrimination was very popular until it cost the state a lot of money and earned it a bad reputation.


#Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z


The thing I don’t buy is the phrase “reasonable Indiana Republicans”. Is there such a thing anymore?