Immediately after Mike Pence's departure, reasonable Indiana Republicans began undoing his work

Ever notice how, in a completely dark room, that little LED is somehow blindingly bright?

Context, as always, matters…


Well, if this doesn’t do it, then Kremlin control of the WH might. Might.

This is close to something I’ve always thought: What happens after Trump dies? Nobody else is going to carry on his work. There’s nobody on the horizon that inspires the blind loyalty of his followers. If we survive his presidency, (medium “if”) his successors will just overturn everything he did. And half his followers (the old, uneducated, unhealthy) will be dead, too.

Not the best-case scenario, but, still…

Better the Devil You Know might be the closest fit.


Don’t be too sure.

Assholes are a renewable resource.


Don Jr?

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I lived in Indiana, but I got out long ago. When I lived there decades ago, all the social welfare programs were dysfunctional to the point of impending collapse, and the most regressive of the Republicans were running the show. It was a depressing place to live. I think it’s only gotten worse since I’ve left, and the fact that Pence makes Indiana Republicans seem reasonable makes me feel even better about having left.


And yet, the TGOP keeps trying the same stuff over and over again.

Insanity? You make the call…

I don’t think it’s insanity. I think they know very well what they’re doing, and it’s the people of Indiana who are paying the price.

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And soon the people of the whole country will pay as well.


Wow, I had not heard about this. Lead contamination found in an area famous for violence. Gee, I wonder if there is a connection?

East Chicago is a small town in Indiana, not the city of Chicago. It is almost on the border with Illinois – which at that point, means almost on the border of Chicago – but Whiting and Hammond are the actual border towns there.

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For some reason I’m not so sure that 4 miles makes that big of a difference.

The crime rate there is on par or lower than other communities in the area.

I’m not making excuses for Indiana, at all. The crime rate is bad, but they always point to Chicago to prove they’re not so bad after all. Which is maddening, because on a per capita basis they really don’t have the right to be smug.

It’s an area of steel mills. Regulations had gotten it somewhat on track to getting cleaned up, but then the Shrub (George Jr.) rolled all that back and so the air, water, and ground are all quite polluted. Lead is only one of the components.


I’m sure you are right. My point is only that lead poisoning has been shown to lead to violence, and the violence Chicago area likely has a common source as in 80% of homes in Chicago are hooked up to lead pipes.

Please don’t buy into the Fox News bullshit that Chicago is a violent post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Not at all. I’m not suggesting Chicago is any sort of “violent post-apocalyptic wasteland”. I’ve lived in Detroit and know what that looks like. I’m only suggesting that Chicago has a violent crime rate well above national average. I suspect decades of racialized police policy, black prison sites, and the poisoning of the population are your likely culprits.

Ah, thanks. My google-foo is getting weak in my old age…

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