Angry MAGA woman scolds Mike Pence to his face for "changing history" on Jan. 6 (video)

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“President Trump was wrong about my authority that day, and he’s still wrong.”

I believe that may be only the third time Pence has publicly stated Trump was wrong, and possibly his second strongest condemnation of his former meal ticket - milquetoast as it was.



Too annoying, didn’t watch.


… yay Iowa, they should defs get a veto over our presidential candidates :roll_eyes:


Your overwhelming love for Trump does not outweigh a majority of the country’s extreme disgust with him.

I heard some GOP strategist recently say something like “Trump energizes voters, but he energizes them on both sides.” People hated him so much they came out in record numbers to get rid of him, which I think a lot of the MAGA faithful can’t seem to recognize.


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I hope that this craven whitebread Xtianist apologist for a blatant violator of many of the 10 Commandments and precepts of Jesus spends the rest of his miserable life being harrassed by cultists who support the latter.


These idiots never seem to consider that if a Vice President actually had this kind of power then Al Gore could have nullified George W. Bush’s electoral college win and installed himself as President in January 2001.


The people elect the President, unless they don’t agree with me, then the Vice President elects the President. It’s in the Constitution…

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No idea how we’re ever going to deal with the 30-40% of the country that’s living in an alternate universe. They have their own facts that will never be refuted regardless of how many facts they’re presented. They’ll just go to a “news” source that reinforces their already warped view.


Of course these are the same people who think there’s a complicated Democrat controlled machine that stole the office of the president but yet failed to steal a few more house and senate seats.


Then “Stop the Steal” will only arrive 20yrs earlier than it’s supposed to be.

I think a lot of the hardcore MAGA voters live pretty isolated lives, spending almost all of their time around only other people who see the world the way they do, and the only media they consume is OAN, NewsMax, Fox, and their MAGA friends on Facebook, Twitter, Truth Social, and whatever else they’re on. So almost everyone they spend any time around is a Trump supporter, and they assume they are a typical, average American, so they assume almost everyone in the country is a Trump supporter. I wish I knew of a reliable way to get people out of these bubbles. It might not change their opinions on any issues, but they at least might realize that their opinions aren’t shared by the majority of people.


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Doubtless they’d just say it proves Gore wasn’t “man enough” to seize the presidency.


He explained it to her in clear terms but I guarantee that she’s still convinced that he could have kept Biden out of office that day.


If only. ­

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When you talk to them they almost speak in code, bringing up stuff you’ve never heard about but they’ve been obsessing over for weeks, whatever issue Fox and talk radio have been promoting, but which no reputable news source will cover because it’s not factual, it’s willfully dishonest “opinion.”

“80,000 armed IRS agents!”

“Sorry. . . what?


Let’s not tar an entire state with the actions of a few idiots. Iowa is a state that voted for Obama twice, almost by a 10% margin the first time around. It’s a battleground that needs effort put into it to persuade the persuadables and turn out the turnoutables.


I went down a rabbit hole a few months ago after I had binge watched a bunch of NCIS and got curious what other federal agencies have their own investigative units and armed special agents. There are actually a lot of them, and some of them are kind of surprising (the NIH has their own police department). And the IRS absolutely has their own special agents, and they are armed. But there aren’t 80,000 of them. There are about 2,100 of them. If you want to go down the same rabbit hole I fell in, it’s kind of interesting. And maybe disturbing.