Elijah Wood says one of the Lord of the Rings orcs' faces was modeled on Harvey Weinstein

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“I think that is OK to talk about now, the guy is fucking incarcerated. Fuck him.”

Sure, now that he’s behind bars and can’t cost us roles and production deals we can finally talk about the missing-stair behaviour that put him there instead of making little in-jokes about it.


was designed to look like Harvey Weinstein as a sort of a fuck you.



He wasn’t incarcerated for being a dick to Peter Jackson. He was incarcerated for being a serial rapist.


True. His rapes were (amazingly) just one well-known but undiscussed reason why he was loathed by people in the industry. My point is that almost no-one but the rape victims were willing to discuss his overall toxicity in any form but the most jokey, oblique way until long after he was incarcerated. He wasn’t and isn’t unique in the film industry, which has been dysfunctional in this way almost from the start.

“Missing stairs” are recognised as a problem by those around them, but they’re worked around and avoided and grumbled or joked about quietly instead of addressed head-on. I will guarantee you that Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood even the artist who designed the mask also knew about Weinstein’s reputation as a serial rapist but waited until long after he was in prison for it to finally claim credit for putting in an Easter egg about his being an arsehole in general.


Eh, it’s hardly important but I’d say it’s this fella:

I did wonder why his mug was so detailed and not generic-goblin looking…
Never piss off an artist.


that’s quite a thing to claim. unless they have mentioned it in an interview somewhere, how would one even know? they may all have just hated him because he was known to be a dick to basically everyone.


It was an open secret in the film industry that Weinstein was not only a raging arsehole but also that he made ample use of what they used to call the “casting couch”. I doubt the Wood, Jackson and the artist who was asked to design the orc were so removed from things that they didn’t know this.


I likewise went through pictures of orcs to find the Harvey. But the thing is, they kind of all look like Harvey.


Thanks, maybe @pesco could post this one instead as the one in the post is obviously some other Hollywood serial rapist. (But to be fair, an easy mistake to make. :grinning:)

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