Elijah Wood says Hollywood has a major pedophile problem

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Elijah Wood’s own twitter feed:


That’s interesting. Its also interesting that this interview was in the Sunday Times (unless I missed something). Britain has just been reeling/seedily obsessed with that whole BBC molester cover up thing. It seems pretty likely they would take some offhand comments from Wood about the issue, and spin it into confirmation of a similar problem/conspiracy in the US. I’ve never had much luck gauging where the Sunday Times sits on a scale of 1 to Daily Mail, but if they’re anything like much of the British press it doesn’t much surprise me.

That said this wouldn’t much surprise me. I’ve heard too many first hand accounts of clearly unethical and deeply weird party scenes (although nothing about children) from friends who have lived and worked in Hollywood. Between the number of gay friends I’ve had who’ve had run ins with Bryan Singer’s notoriously creepy parties, and that whole Dr. Luke thing it wouldn’t shock me on the whole. Lot of skeevy abusive people in the entertainment business, with a lot of people who’ll hide/back it guarantee their paycheck.


It’s a broadsheet, so allegedly a step up from the tabloid rags, but it is owned by Rupert Murdoch.


Say no more, tabloid rag with the faint stink of authority.


Am I being too wary/suspicious if I halfway read that as “Someone pushed me to publicly renounce this story, or I would never work in Hollywood again”?


Whistle blowers, let the sun shine in!

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Predators in the entertainment business… I am reminded of the discussion of Kim Fowley and the Runaways here from a while ago. http://boingboing.net/2015/07/13/the-jackie-fox-rape-disclosure.html


That would be the Times, yes.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if there was child abuse in Hollywood, and the studios were exerting pressure to keep it covered up.

On the other hand, I also wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if a newspaper/“newspaper” were to take someone’s quotes wildly out of context in order to sensationalize a story.

So I don’t think, in today’s world, that you can be wary/suspicious enough when looking at a news story.


OK, but what about the Coreys? Or can you get Cusack’s take on all of this?

I don’t think so, and the frightening implication of that is that Wood’s attacker(s) still have considerable influence, and are probably finding new victims even now.

Yeah, on the balance, I’d agree there. It just seemed so detailed for being “taken out of context”. In what context would any of that have been ok? Then again, those details may have been fabricated out of whole cloth for all we know. Then again, there’s Polanski, and there’s Woody Allen. And, not entirely unrelatedly, Cosby.

I never really like it when anything is reduced to one of those information stalemates that Putin try to pull off, ie, the conclusion that none of the sources of information can be trusted. It never sits quite right with me, somehow.

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Well, since as @daneel points out, Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch, it’s not surprising it’s doing all it can to remind people of the role the BBC played in the cover up, as it can be leverage for pushing for greater privatization of another public institution.


You left out his big break as “video game kid” in Back to the Future 2.


Even in the original quotes, pre-clarification-via-Twitter, it seemed he was only connecting dots and repeating rumours, not speaking from experience.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood is teeming with predators and/or pedophiles, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Twitter clarification was made under pressure from Wood’s agent, but those things can be true and it can also be true that Wood himself has never been sexually harassed or assaulted, just as he says in one of the tweets: “I have no first hand experience or observation of the topic.”


Right, it’s not like he said “this doesn’t happen” or even “the problem is being blown out of proportion.” Merely “it’s a serious subject worthy of diligent investigation but it never happened to me personally so I can’t speak from first-hand experience.”


Huh, that is Elijah wood?

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Off-topic: is it just me, or Elijah Wood looks more and more like Bradley Cooper with age?

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