Watch Courtney Love warn young actresses about Harvey Weinstein back in 2005


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When even Courtney Love is “the voice of reason,” you know shit has gone seriously awry…


It seems the article has been yanked. Weinstein has tentacles everywhere!



I had to go to TMZ to find the video clip; I need to go shower now.


We are struggling with the embed, but the link to TMZ is there.


Courtney Love is the voice of reason.

TMZ and Buzzfeed are some of the few journalistic organizations speaking truth to power.

Eminem is providing searingly honest political commentary.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most reasonable voice in the Republican Party.

These are end times.


Don’t forget Teen Vogue.


And Corey Feldman, too.

I just want to know when I crossed through a Thinny, and why the hell I didn’t notice.


We need a thread on “signs we are living in a simulation”.


Nah, I’ve disregarded the simulation theory long ago; nobody could design anything this fucked on purpose.

I’m convinced this is some chaotic, other-dimension Twilight Zone shit…


In historical perspective, this is the same evening that VH1 chronicled as one of Courtney Love’s worst moments, complete with commentary by several celebrities who made sure her credibility was thoroughly assassinated by pointing out how hammered she was while out on parole.
Further evidence that Hollywood does not really support its own when the chips are down, but will come out in support when it needs to save face.


Thanks for the Weinstein tentacle wanking imagery.


Woah, too much information.


That other people take showers is ‘too much info’ for you?


so. Dude isn’t wise cracking that he wished he could watch. Is that progress?


It was a joke implying that you were heading to the shower for purposes other than getting clean. But I think you know that :wink:


polio and smallpox are returning

there might have to be a land war with prussia

robber-barons are running the US


I suppose so, but you know what Scalzi says about the ‘failure mode’ of attempting to be clever…


Yeah, the whole thing with the Academy hastily removing Harvey and all the handwringing is total f@$#ing hypocrisy. They knew. Everyone knew.

Hollywood is, and always has been, a factory for middle-aged to old men to molest women of any age and (mostly) young men.

Harvey’s brother knew. The Trumps and the Clintons knew (they were buds - Bill and Harvey probably even traded tips on plausibly deniable rape). Young aspiring actors coming to Hollywood knew. Spielberg and Lucas knew. Amazon knew. Disney knew. Anyone going ‘Oh my god I am so shocked and angry right now’ is a fucking liar - I knew, and I’m not anywhere near the industry.

This is a last ditch ‘See, we can regulate ourselves!’ like tobacco companies, cab le companies, and other career criminals. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski are still proud members of the Academy (I guess drug rape is still cool).


That was my joke. Because seriously. I don’t get any of this.

Bathe properly and practice good hygiene. Anything short of that and you are a god damn Neanderthal.