I'm using a great free service called JustWatch to manage my streaming needs

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I second it. I only use it for search, not notifications, so YMMV.


It’s not US-centric, either. It won’t give you options that aren’t available where you live


I’ve been using Reelgood over the past few years. I wouldn’t mind checking this out to compare the services.

ETA: Already appreciating this one more because it includes many more niche services, such as Retrocrush and Midnight Pulp. While it may not differentiate between the free and premium content in those service, at least the services are there.


It sounds great except it doesn’t support Roku, which is what I’ve got. (Best £25 ever spent on entertainment!)

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Pardon me if I’m telling you something you already know, but if you search for a title on the Roku mobile app, it’ll show you all of the services where it’s available. Between this feature and the ability to use your phone for text entry within individual streaming providers, the Roku app is a winner.


Awesome! Thank you!! I’ll check that out.


I just searched for a show and it told me it’s was on Roku.

Try unselecting the default “EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE EVER” to just have your current subscriptions included. Just Try

What I like about apps like this one over Roku is that I can track things that I’ve watched. Not only check off what I’ve seen but also get updated about new episodes of current shows I’m watching. Another thing I like about the app is that I don’t have to share a watch list with everyone else who uses my TV.


I like JustWatch but it does have some glitches on Apple TV. When you perform a search, it pops you back up to the top of the results every 5 seconds or so while you are scrolling down. I notified their support about this and got a response that it was a known issue they’re working on. But the issue remains months later. I also don’t like that it doesn’t integrate with channels you subscribe to inside the Apple TV app. Just a few things to think about if you are wanting to run it on an Apple TV device.

After using JustWatch for nearly a week, I’m disappointed. It’s fine for finding out where to watch a movie or show that’s been out for a while. New content, though, and being notified when it’s available to steam? Not so much.

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