Imagining a cat actually catching a red laser pointer dot

Hah! So there’s also a stuffed cat!
I always felt sorry for the cat in the gif we use when a slack channel at work derails :slight_smile:
shitposting time

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Has any dark-comedy action film already done a scene where a cat is chasing a laser pointer and it turns out to be a laser scope on a sniper rifle? Just so we’re clear, the joke would be the sniper gets pissed that the cat is messing up his element of surprise and gives up, thus saving his hapless owner, not that the cat gets its head blown off…


I actually walked into my living room one day and my cat was sitting next to the laser pointer. He looked at me, then looked at the pointer and moved it with his paw, then looked back. When I picked it up his pupils were already dilating and his tail was swishing. So yeah, my cat totally knows where the laser comes from and that we’re the ones controlling it. And he doesn’t care.


Not that I know, but it sounds hilarious.

Spoilers for Charlie Stross’ “Jennifer Morgue”:

The protagonist confirms that the villain’s fluffy white cat is not what it seems when he points a red laser dot in front of it – and instead of chasing the dot, the cat runs for cover from snipers.


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