Immature natural history




My flicker account has pictures that I auto captured of every type of bird that visits my bird feeder. The views on each image go something like this:

Green Finch - 24
Tree Sparrow - 23
Eurasian Jay - 32
Blue Tit - 54
Great Tit - 3484
Nuthatch - 27

You get the idea.


Is there a pearl-necklaced tit? Because there really should be.


Let’s no forget the Blue-Footed Booby Mating Dance.

There’s a over a half-dozen kind of Boobies, including the Masked Booby and my personal favorite, the Abbot’s Booby.


Why is there not a coffee-table book dedicated to this list?


you visited the feeder over 3 thousand times? :wink:





The posting is what I find immature.


Similarly, my pictures Periodic Table of Tits and Trixel Tits (a trixel is a triangular pixel) get more hits than anything else. Must be a lot of ornithologists on tumblr.


Oh, obviously. I was just hoping that someone had officially named a tit in this fashion. Hey, it could happen!


Next up… the turdus maximus.



Somebody needs to throw a donkey into the mix.


This is not the google search result I expected.


My wife’s class spotted one of these critters near the school where she was teaching and she asked a naturalist to help identify it. When he said “it’s a bushtit,” she responded “I teach fourth graders. It’s a sparrow.”


The white necklaced tit can be baited using candy and roses. Also large piles of cash.


Of course we have blue tits in Canada, particularly in the winter.


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