Immersive computer-controlled spotlight array installation


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So beautiful - and just amazing considering how clunky most control system and stage light UIs are. I’d be really curious to see how this was done.


VR people should get on this.


Time. That’s all programming a light board ever takes. I can make them sit up and bark but don’t generally get the amount of needed time.

Also, SIMPTE to keep things synched.


It looks really cool but it would give me a migraine within about two minutes. :laughing: :sweat:


Kind of reminds me of the cathedral of light:


Does anyone have more information about the music? I looked up Before Tigers but am not finding info. Is this just a remix of the Health track and if so who did the remix? Thanks!


Not to mention trigger seizures (seriously). I would suggest a warning of some kind.


Sort of reminds me of


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