Synched Halloween light show: The Matrix & Rage Against the Machine

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The singing pumpkins!!!

Keanu Reeves Reaction GIF


awesome but I can’t stop thinking about the poor neighbors lol. 2 hours a night, sure. I’d be doing a bunch of grocery shopping… “It’s almost time hon. Let’s get out of here”


Came here to say the same thing. Awesome as a 3 minute video, but nightmarish at 2 hours a night from across the street.

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I can understand that- I’m thinking of seeing if I can hack one of the inflatable decorations I have to include an ‘always on’ mode for the lights it has instead of the ‘random strobe’ effect it came with.

On a side tangent, I do wonder what the guy uses to program those in, and what hardware is used. (I’ve been thinking of putting in something similar, but much more subtle for the eves and roofline at my place, if only so I don’t have to keep changing the light strings I used to decorate for the holidays.)

Good call. Put some LEDs up there with variable colors, leave them up, change the color per the holiday…

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The fun part is finding either a turnkey solution that’s not criminally expensive and custom built, or building one using NeoPixels and some controller hardware (FadeCandy + a Pi running the server component.) and maybe some glue coding to make it talk with Hubitat and/or Home Assistant. :slight_smile:


The real fun is the quick change after Halloween, to the Nightmare Before Christmas… just a lil re-Vamping to the show.

you’re making the creative juices flow lol sounds like a fun project

It cost $5,000 for the domes on the top of the house alone! Holy crap.

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