Immigration authorities detain Muhammad Ali, Jr. at Florida airport, demand to know if he's Muslim


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Yay! Religious tests at airports!


There is no right Muhammad to question like that. But you definitely picked one of the worst ones.


“Maybe you should send me back to my country of birth. . . Philadelphia.”

I remember buying a jazz LP when I was a teen that had drummer named Muhammad Ali on it, I thought it was funny, but I guess that’s when I realized that the name “Muhammad Ali” is kind of the “John Smith” of the Muslim world.


I hope Colbert has him on the show, and embarrasses the living fuck out of the PARTICULAR agents responsible.


I don’t usually ragepost but JesusfuxkingchristIcan’tbelievethisis fucking. happening.. I guess I really did believe the U.S. was better than this. How American of me.

Make room in your homes because if things keep going down this nightmare trajectory, our Muslim neighbors are going to need a place to hide for a while.


Next time I go to the US I will photoshop a picture of myself standing with Muhammad Ali, so there are no misunderstandings.


How much do you wanna bet there’s a list somewhere, with high priority targets?

Several such lists, but yeah.


Is there a site that has a polite form letter to tell the folks in charge of immigration/customs to kindly go fuck themselves?

I mean, we need to keep discourse civil so:

Please, petty dictators: go fuck yourselves (gently), with a gracefully contoured implement of your own choosing.

With lube,


Hide? Hide? We can’t let it come to the point where they have to. Then it’s definitely too late.


I got my name on Amazon. Free shipping with Prime!


The cops enforcing this shit are just as much a problem here.


The only way this could be stupider is if they then asked “where is your bomb. We hear all Muslims come with bombs. Where have you hidden yours?”


“Where did you get your name from?”

“I’m named after my father. Perhaps you’ve heard of him, along with everyone else over age 18 on the globe?”

There are so many levels of idiocy at work here, the officer barely qualifies to be a TSA rent-a-cop, let alone a border guard.


I can’t tell how much of this shit is executive orders and how much is CBP/immigration being emboldened by the Trump presidency to do stupid shit.


That’s okay for some people, but…


First, they came for The Socialists - and I said nothing…

This is un-american. It is shameful. I am embarrassed to admit I am american right now. I cannot believe the avalanche of horribles that has come from this new administration. It is an unbelievable scenerio. A bad movie


Enforcing what, exactly? Is it a goddamn crime to be named Muhammed?

They ought to be fired. Then they can use their newfound time free-time to kindly go fuck themselves.


Guide on how to respond to ICE interrogations:


They ought to be tried for several crimes. But this particular nation isn’t exactly sane these days.

What is the medicine for nations that go psychotic like this, anyways?