Muhammad Ali Jr detained AGAIN at airport today


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Odd how quickly one could feel nostalgic for something that existed just a few months ago… in this case an America with Mr. Obama as our President.




I pray that DHS does this to him every time he flies. For the sake of all the unknowns who don’t have a national platform to call attention to the injustices they are also enduring.

The worst thing that could happen is for DHS to put together a list of high-profile muslims who are to get kid-glove treatment.


weren’t trump and Muhammad Ali (Sr.) friends?


That’s Trump racism.


This is so stupid it hurts.

And no, I’m not trying to argue for incompetence over malice.

Their petty malice is


You mean the Pause Of The Decline? It was a glorious eight year struggle against the onset of entropy, but, like all rejuvination treatments, it could only delay the onset of senescence, not stop it.


Another question would be… if Ali Sr. was not famous, would Trump have been friends with him (obviously, given the opportunity).


Still, we should try, if only to delay deterioration. At least that’s what I believe.


Too late. The election of the Orange Fuhrer was a terminal diagnosis for the patient. The question is now on quality of life, not extent of lifespan.


So I am flying out of the country next week. While I don’t have any check marks in the obvious “trump hates” column I have to say I feel some anxiety just because who knows what will shoot out of 45’s Pez EO dispenser next.

Airport security: “I’m sorry, Hillary voters were banned from re-entry while your plane was inflight. In addition any attempt to reenter forfeits all of your assets. Here is an orange jumper.”

But seriously, when I was making my reservations, the majority of my teammates (they are on H1b) were meeting with the company lawyer who said in no uncertain terms to not even get close to a border.

I’m still stuck in the first stage of grief since the election. How this shit show of a circus led by a rodeo clown persists, I just don’t understand.


It will persist as long as this administration believes it can do deals with this GOP Congress and vice versa. Two devils with hugely overlapping agendas.


If Ali Sr. was not famous trump would say get that black muslim away from me and send him back to the inner city. And then he’d make fun of his involuntary Parkinson’s spasms.


I heard Trumpites hate the intelligentsia. Okay.

How about hating common sense? Do they hate that too?

I thought the Rust Belt was built on common sense?

Where is this common sense now?

Show me it, now, please. Thank you.

Right now, all I see is kids in the candy shop, and they ain’t buying, rather, they’re stuffing their pockets with peppermints and smiling cheekily their whole way out the door…


Impeach the Cheeto !



Dood’s compromised, imo. But I’m not an intelligence agent, just a reader, observer, and questioner. How about you?


The Rebel State is ready to act, won’t be long now…



“Welcome to checkpoint #0007363. Papers, please.”

I told you guys, there’s a list. And the name “Muhammed Ali” has been on it since the seventies.