Impacts of the Presidential debate far overestimated

You are correct, but I’m still not sure it was sarcasm. I’ve seen that sentiment on these pages so frequently, without a sarcasm tag there’s no way to tell.


So are we finding out (yet again) that historically the first debates in an election don’t change anyone’s mind?


Poe’s Law strikes again…


I wonder how much of it could also be the debate happened at a time when most people’s immediate concerns are focused on the start of summer and how best to spend the downtime?

As we draw closer to Autumn, I suspect more people will begin to pay better attention… At least, I really hope so.

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I think it’s that the Redstones and their billionaire colleagues just prefer lower taxes.

Not just that, but people with land lines. Yesterday on CNN they were saying that 27% of households have landlines anymore. So you’re ending up with a fraction of a fraction of potential “voters” being shoved into a model (and even that has to be considered if it’s “likely”, “registered” or some other category since that makes a difference in polling accuracy). All the more reason not to trust polls these days.


Well, duh!


The NEWS always have to be alarmist and the more sensationalistic the better. That’s why I don’t watch TV anymore.


I wonder what percentage of those with a land line have it only because of inertial and bundling prices.

I know that’s why we have a land line that we don’t use. Same with other family members. Removing it would impact my internet price, probably a larger increase than keeping the line costs.

In our case, it only rings in a basement room but can be used from elsewhere. It is never actually used, but is part of the emergency plan if anyone ever needs to call 911. The landline should give a better 911 experience should the need arise.


It feels like a vocal part of the Democratic party heard this and said “Hold my beer!”, and are actively trying to damage Biden’s path to winning.


You can find probably hours of video if you put it all together of Trump’s brain melting down into literal gibberish, getting name and other details wrong, and non sequitur tangents - not to mention non conservative/Christian like behavior - and he isn’t constantly losing voters.

It really isn’t shocking to anyone paying attention one could cringe at Biden’s performance, and still vote for him.

I just hope enough low information voters and independents learn about Project 2025 and put aside the whole “Biden’s too old” and vote for him anyway. At this point I’d vote a golden retriever into office.


Some polls have (finally) adapted to the ubiquity of mobile phone use, but there is not yet a system for adapting to people who screen calls from unknown numbers.


thank you THANK YOU for reporting this.

this whole election season is nuts, and I’m doing my best to avoid it, so I appreciate any and all posts that remind us how utterly bonkers and evil the R have become, and despite this, how bad the Ds seem to be at effectively getting their message across (in no small part due to the FoxNewsEchoChamber)

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Can you even call this a “season”? It’s already been going on for some two absolutely grueling years thus far. Our entire election process is so fucking broken.


as I’ve said before, Biden will get over his cold and congestion. He’ll get a bit more sleep and feel better. He’s still the same decent human being.

felon45 will remain a criminal and an idiot. AND a fascist.

I’m voting for Biden’s administration because they have done a good job for me.


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