Impersonator explains how to look and sound exactly like George W Bush

Originally published at: Impersonator explains how to look and sound exactly like George W Bush | Boing Boing

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We had eight years of that doofus, please but that to bed.


Be Greg Abbot?

Seriously, Abbot is like Texas saw that the worst president in US history was replaced by a worse one from New York Fuckin’ City and said “Hold my beer.”

Ok, “worst” is debatable because Jackson was a genocidal maniac, but we don’t need Tennessee trying to outdo everyone, too.


This will compliment my Borat impersonation at parties nicely.

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No Way Smh GIF by Amazon Prime Video


Dont worry none. The race to the bottom is on! His lieutenant governor Dan Patrick is even worse.

On a positive note, Caliendo’s TikTik repository is pure gold.

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Isn’t that just the way, though? Every time you think they’ve found the bottom, there’s another moron willing to go further. But none of them seem to realize that a cult of personality revolves around a personality and is generally non-transferable. I’m very curious (read: fucking terrified) to find out what happens when that orange sack of shit finally chokes on the Big Mac of destiny.

Well, I mean, scientifically we do know where the bottom is. By 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, nothing can go below Absolute Gohmert.

That’s the only comforting thing. That should another Alt-Right Anti-Christ arise, we’ll know about it way ahead of time, because he’ll have been on the popular culture airwaves/Internet for a good 5-10 years saturating GQP brainstems.

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