The weird, humiliating nicknames George W Bush gave to everyone

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And let’s not forget “Bandar” - which does not seem at all derogatory to me.

Kiss Up, Punch Down - the bullies coda.


Well, ole GW racked up his own share of nicknames from everyone else. “Wierd, humilating” wouldn’t do justice to that particular list…


I must confess “Conan the Republican” had me cracking up, tho.


Flies on the Eyeballs Guy

I wonder if that inspired Ants In My Eyes Johnson

This has less to do with the Skull & Bones – I would wager – than with basic Texas politics. You deal with a lot of good ol’ boys, and the country tradition is that everyone gets a nickname.

Some personal examples: Big Rick, Little Rick (his son), Rick Paul (showed up after all the good Rick nicknames were taken), Toby the Mexican (to distinguish him from, wait for it…), White Toby, Big E, Little E. It just goes on that way. They’re not all polite of course, even when no offense is meant. For example, more state employees call Governor Abbott “Wheels” than probably should…

In that vein, Brother George (“The George who is not me”, which probably indicates he got there first), Big George, and Little George are all pretty reasonable sobriquets.

But for that matter, most of these read like Seinfeld inspired names: Tree Man, Sit Room Guy, and Altoid Boy are basically just contextual cues not too different from thr Virgin, Buble Boy, Babu, or Soup Nazi (“You people have a little pet name for everybody”).

Turd Blossom was always the weirdest. And while it sounds disgusting, “thrives amidst bullshit” is sort of the highest political compliment you can pay.


With the thought of President Trump looming, I sorta miss the innocent blunders of this fortunate son patsy strawman G.W.


No way “Fredo” wasn’t really supposed to be “Frito” - but that would be racist.

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Power to name something is ultimate magic. God gave Adam power to name all the animals.


It may have been humiliating and being a bully, but in this one case I have to hand it to W: “Turdblossom” pretty well sums up Karl Rove’s entire existence.


In fairness, that was my nickname for him, too.


Thanks for removing all doubt that W is an idiot.


It wasn’t a Godfather reference?


I thought it was a “memory trick” someone tried to teach an underachieving stoner they were trying to prep for politics.

And that “Turd Blossom” was an appropriate name for the person with his arm shoved up W’s butt using him as a sock puppet.


What I don’t understand is Rove’s collection: normally anyone who deserves the nickname “The Architect” is someone you Do. Not. Want. to attract the ire of.

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Nahgh. He’s not dumb.

No, he was not. There are lots of dead smart fighter pilots. There are no living stupid ones. Incurious? Fine. Poorly read? Maybe. But not stupid.

Stretch is a great nickname.

Yeah, you can’t really pin that one on Bush. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone not call him that that wasn’t some kind of talking head on the news.


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