Listen as the crowd in Uvalde, TX boos Gov. Greg Abbott

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I can’t help feeling that a Good Guy with a Gun should have shot him.


Here’s hoping that such crowds are representative of those who will actually manage to vote November in Texas. (go Beto go!)


I’m booing Abbott right now.


It’s interesting reading his speech here and comparing it to the recorded message he made, which was playing at the Houston NRA conference while the Ulvade speech was going on. Same guy, two entirely different and contradictory messages delivered at the same time. Talk about two-faced politicians…


They are definitely not saying “Boo-urns.”


This put a smile on my face. Still does.



I’ve been booing him for years, along with the rest of the theocratic kleptocrats ruining this state.

Seems about right. He plays to the crowd.
He wants to be Senator [or POTUS] so bad, he can’t stand it. It must really stick in his craw to see DeSatan doing so well in Florida…


smithers GIF


I’m making that my new ringtone.


Go Away Ugh GIF by Saturday Night Live


POTUS. I doubt he would settle for senator. He doesn’t like doing what other people tell him to do. He hated Rick Perry messing with the OAG when he was attorney general.
Abbott will do anything and sacrifice anyone for POTUS. Including children.


If he manages to land a nomination with all the baggage he’s got.
(I am aware that these days, some hardcore politicians actually choose to run on their political fiascos. I don’t really understand how that works. )

… With his reelection considered highly likely, politicos are wondering what new challenge will animate the governor. If Donald Trump doesn’t seek the presidency in 2024, will Abbott pursue it?

On one thing everyone agrees: Abbott is a fund-raising wizard. If governing is Abbott’s job, raising money is his passion. While most pols find trawling for donations to be a chore, Abbott delights in it. And he does it surpassingly well, building the kind of war chests that stop serious challengers before they even start. Referring to Abbott’s disability, an Austin politico observed, “When you have to eliminate a bunch of things from your life because you just can’t do them anymore, the things you do you are going to g—damned do them well. Practice makes perfect. He’s smooth. He’s congenial. But he’s a tough guy underneath, make no mistake about it.” Abbott is so tough, in fact, that many close to the governor refused to talk about him on or off the record, for fear of reprisals—the not-so-accidental death of a legislator’s beloved bill, for example, or the denial of a contributor’s coveted appointment to a state commission. (Abbott never responded to interview requests for this story.)

The Texan public gets a different Greg Abbott: a man who delivers wooden speeches in front of supportive audiences or alone, from behind a desk in his private studio. In times of crisis, he sports military-style garb—khaki shirts and navy blue windbreakers with various official seals—like an actor playing a governor. He’s never been a happy-to-see-ya backslapper like Bush or Perry. And a scene of Abbott gleefully sparring with the press in the style of Trump or DeSantis is almost impossible to envision. The governor grants interviews to only a handful of friendly journalists, most of them news anchors from local TV stations. Family? You won’t find many warmhearted photos of Abbott with his brother, Gary, who exhorts readers of his blog to prepare for the return of the son of God. “Jesus is coming back! Are you ready?”

Ugh, sounds like he’s sorted his money train alright.

And can we all please stop with the “get ready for Jesus to come back and the End Times to kick into high gear”? Too many Christian believers use that as the ideal excuse to do nothing about the death of our biosphere–some of them even want The End to get here faster.



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