Import your old Sim Cities into Minecraft

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This is the kind of thing that I love about Minecraft - the ecosystem of strange and wonderful tools and mods around it is astounding. I love the way that this has really captured the feel of older sim city

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I want to see MAGNASANTI put thru this

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Blocky floating alien monster coming soon.


Time to dig out my SimCopter and Streets of SimCity (don’t @ me, as the kids say) disks, and maybe fire up SCURK…


I couldn’t even import an old Sim City into Sim City 2000. The old version didn’t have the terrain builder, but one time it drew up an island, which I liked, and I kept working with that. When I got 2000 (I’m misremembering it as 3000), it imported the city, but left and right were swapped – so the eastern half of the island was on the left, the western half on the right, with a strait in the middle.

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Do I have Sim City 2000 city files just laying around?

[Laughs in 90s computer file hoarding]


Oh, the possibilities! Do Caesar III and Pharaoh next!

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