Watch how to transfer an ant colony from one terrarium to another


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Looks like a pretty nice place to live, but the landlord occasionally looms over you with an immense, unbelievably hot sun and shakes you out of your hiding spot.

On the plus side you get to eat your neighbours once in awhile.


Weird. We have to wait until the next video for the gasoline and match?


Kate! There may be better sources of GIFs, but I’m glad to see a Feed Dump image.



Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.


I couldn’t stop scratching phantom itches while watching, but that was really cool!


This brings back memories of the ant farm I got as a kid. It included the instructions, “To replenish the ants dig up a colony in your yard and harvest the queen.”

Kinda hard to do in the late December.


I would have made a bigger tank so that I could cuddle with them…


I’m not particularly squeamish, but holy shit. I need some eye bleach after that.


I don’t think the ants would be terribly happy about this, either.

As an aside, this all reminds me of what a great goddamn game SimAnt was.


Speechless. I was kind of okay and even a little inspired (O golden crazy ant atop your green leaf!)

Until the cockroach.



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