Improper hypen usage

I realize I’m a huge pedant, but this is one of those things that really irks me:

the young girl on Lewis’s arm was his wife, and she was 13-years-old

You only hyphenate X-year-old like that when using the phrase to modify a noun:

The 13-year-old girl was 13 years old.


A couple of Wild Hyphens appear!

You use Grammer!

It is very Effective!


The one thing the Internet really needs is some kind of system to route these kinds of comments to a #grammarnazi thread and not interrupt the discussion of the topic at hand.

No, waetherman, what the Internet needs is for people to stop making silly, simple mistakes. This isn’t anywhere near rocket science; it’s basic shit of the kind you should know without having to understand the rule, provided you’ve read a few books in your life.


Who’s making fun? Are you implying that correct grammar is less than deadly serious?

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It’s what she would have wanted.


Aww. You didn’t post.

and finally

and in that last link…

Peggy McIntosh, the originator of the privilege checklist, talks about privilege as an “unearned advantage” based on sex, race, age, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, social class, economic class and “other factors”.

When you start to describe education as an unearned advantage, people might stop listening to you.

I was thirteen when my hyphen was broken

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