In 1856, 19-year-old Mary Patten commanded a clipper ship around Cape Horn

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She cuts a fine jib, she does at that.

I listened to this episode yesterday and i was riveted by the lady’s harrowing story of captaining her husband’s ship. Could totally be a movie. Also she was a true bad ass, though the story didn’t have much of a happy ending in real life as it seemed she struggled financially and really disliked being praised/helped for her past actions.

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I wonder if the men on board were telling her how to steer?


“…[she] took command for 56 days, faced down a mutiny, and successfully managed to navigate the clipper ship into San Francisco. At the time she was 19 years old and pregnant with her first child.”

Totes get you’re joking :slight_smile: However if anyone hasn’t listening to the episode i can give a little bit of an answer:

There’s no direct record of crew interactions but for the most part is seems that the entire crew were 100% behind her. The first mate was a late hire/replacement and he tried a mutiny, which was unsuccessful but beyond that the crew rallied behind her commitment to getting to their destination as quickly as possible.

Also she was apparently a natural and on previous trips with her husband she was actively trying to learn how to navigate and sail. So it’s not like she took over this particular ship with no experience.

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Why on Earth would Neptune drive a car??

Because it’s hard to drive a guppy?


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I stand… corrected.

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