In 1955 a team of psychologists secretly studied a UFO religion as it prepared for the end of the world


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1955? Well how are they doing on Alpha Centauri?




So the psychologists just ignored the advanced technology the aliens left behind, and never thought to tell the physicists? Typical.

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There’s a chapter about this in “Elephants on Acid”.

See also The Lucier Principle.

I keep expecting “I am my own porter” to take off as some kind of surrealist meme – there’s such potential there – but it just hasn’t happened yet.

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It’s a UFO UFO! I can hear the sound effect!

Stupid cultists. UFOs don’t come at Christmas Eve, they come 7am, July 5th, 1998, PraBOB!


The U.S. by no means has a monopoly on predicting the end of the world, but I have always been impressed at how many times in the United States this comes up.

Eschatology- theology concerning the last bit of history, mostly before it can be written, because… well if it ends who will write it.

A short cherry picked list
Cotton Mather - 1697
The state legislature of Connecticut - 1780
The Shakers - 1792, 1794
John Wesley, founder of Methodism - 1836 (sources have several dates)
Millerites - 1844 see The Great Disappointment
Margaret Rowen - Seventh-day Adventist Church - 1925 and following dates, including soon with no exact date see also Millerites
Jehovah’s Witnesses- 1914, also 1878, 1881, 1914, 1918 and 1925, and possibly others
Dorothy Martin- see podcast 1954-1955
Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and others.

Nancy Leider- Nibiru/Planet X cataclysm or pole shift See also Zeta Talk, really, just find some videos and archival audio about Nibiru, Pole Shifts, Planet X and Art Bell or Coast to Coast, or Nancy Leider’s own videos.

Of course all those people are nuts, or false profits, or for believers were tested, etc…
It’s not like most people today would we would agree with a modern day doomsday group-
like the Union of Concerned Scientists - see Doomsday Clock currently 2 minutes to Midnight.

I did my best to find outside links, but so many religions don’t note their own failed or nul predictions on their own sites. Wikipedia used, and oddly, some main pages for religious groups do not note their predictions either.
Wikipedia list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events


I just showed my spouse what the today was supposed to be like:
Where women in space have purple hair, everybody in submarines (men and women) dress in fishnets, and everything is an acronym.

If you have not seen this show, watch the video. The future is Mod.

Your gif is something that I think I would see on a Unarius video, used earnestly to convey a message of peace, love and harmony and … er religion.

My spouse and I want to sit in on one service at the Unarius Academy of Science, a U.F.O. religion. We just find them very interesting, and love that they are unabashed about their beliefs. They seem like an Art Bell show met a Dr. Bronner’s label at a public access community t.v. production studio while a medium channeled In Search Of. This isn’t to mock them, but rather I don’t know how else to explain the videos.

A modern day U.F.O. religion that is worth at least one video.

The GIF shows one of the props from U.F.O. - the UFO.
And yes, I have the DVD set.



The real meat of this story is: the UFOs don’t matter, what matters is when faced with the very obvious evidence that their beliefs were wrong they doubled down, came up with fanciful excuses, and began promoting their beliefs to others, exactly as predicted.

This reminds me of episode 156: A Most Dedicated Soldier-- no matter how the Japanese and Filipinos tried to convince Hiroo Onoda that the war was over he was too emotionally invested in a Japanese victory to believe them, and invented very belabored explanations to avoid facing the truth.

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1955 has a lot to apologize for.

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That’s when the rot set in.

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