In 1965, a retired truck driver was convicted of one of the greatest art heists in British history

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The guy was framed (heh), it was actually Dr. No who was behind the heist:

(The Goya was stolen while the first James Bond movie was being made, so they just seized the opportunity to make a little joke that also added a bit more to the Dr. No character. IIRC, either Cubby Broccoli or Harry Saltzmann came up with it, they did stuff like that. And Ken Adam had to come up with a suitable painting in a couple of days.)


“We’ll also discover Seward’s real folly…”

Imagine if the Alaskan Purchase hadn’t gone through, and America still had a land border with Russia.

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Maybe some of us could see Russia from our houses…:wink:

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That’s the real estate deal Trump is dreaming of - selling Alaska back to Russia.

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Imagine if Russia shared a land border with the British Empire?


At least someone who steals money from a bank is taking something that can be easily replaced. Art heists tick me off because they’re essentially about denying the public an opportunity to experience a part of our shared culture, usually just so some rich prick can hang it in a private residence somewhere.

I’m sure we’d have got along swimmingly… um, please ignore Afghanistan… we’re… um… just playing a game… yes, a Great Game! The Best!


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