In 1975 a woman set out alone to lead four camels across the deserts of western Australia

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This movie about her is worthy of a look see.


The photo book by the National Geographic photographer who documented her journey is gorgeous too.

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Wasn’t there a similar interactive CD (back when those were “Ooooo! Hi Tech!”) featuring these photos and maps and narrated segments? I recall having that - maybe. Hmmm.

Did she bump into a guy on a horse with no name?


I remember this from National Geographic when I was a kid. I was sad when her dog died

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In the podcast they do point out that the movie does try to draw lines between her childhood and her time in the desert. She herself says that simply isn’t true, but she doesn’t exactly give a good reason what drove her to want to do it in the first place beyond “because she wanted to” so take that as you will. Her counter point on this is interesting as if she were a man she likely wouldnt’ve been scrutinized as much on her motivation to do what she did.
Haven’t seen the movie though, would be interested in checking it out (or the book). Having lived in arid areas most of my life i have a deep love and respect for the desert, this story seems right up my alley.

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I purchased some boxes of books at an auction and this was in there - it is beautiful book and very meta - it illustrates her journey & the making of the film of her journey if I recall.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

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