In a few words, Jen Psaki sums up hours and hours of a bloviating Kevin McCarthy

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Great burn, as usual, but the real substantive part is where she details what he did say (conservative fantasy and crazy conspiracy bullshit) vs what he didn’t say (economic resilience, childcare, investing in workers and the planet). From now until Nov ‘22, they need to be pounding this message home. The GQP is against anything that raises the quality of life in America for anyone but the oligarchy.


The problem is the Democratic side needs the firepower of multiple Psakis, deployed at the federal, state, local level, in the Press, and in the pulpits.

As it is, most Democratic politicians are heading for disaster: they are reasonable, conciliatory people who think they can publicize the best public policies that benefit the most people, and that will win out. That strategy never works. Poor uneducated conservatives have voted against their own interests for decades, if not centuries.

I’m not sure how marginal that is. Plenty of low-information voters went for Obama twice, then Trump. And not a few went Trump then Biden.

And I agree with you. I’m just saying: don’t throw away the people who have proven they will swing D or R depending on the resonance of the message. I think we can, and must, do both: energize the base and attract the fence-sitters.

There is the nagging thought that attracting a swing vote denies that vote to the other side, so it’s like a net gain of +2.


They’re also terrified to stick by the progressive policies that are radically popular in the hopes of getting that marginal crossover vote… which also never happens. Sure, they may get a few swing voters, but by distancing themselves from policy victories, they just alienate their own base, which more than makes up for any gains.


McCarthy threatening to bring trump in as Speaker of the House if they win the mid-terms should scare dems to polls.

Psaki and others should remind people of the consequences of inaction. Every day.


Look what a real GOTV drive did in Georgia. A black man and a Jewish man replaced a generational incumbent and a rich Karen. I’d wager they didn’t get a single “swing” voter; it was the base that the DNC routinely ignores that Stacey Abrams brought to the polls who won those races. This was thoroughly analyzed and proven.

My point is, the Dems always do better when they court their actual constituency instead of floating on whatever breeze the right wing rage machine manufacture that season. You simply cannot replace a 10-20% voting bloc with swing voters. And unlike the GQP, their voters have a longer memory and know when their communities are being ignored. An abstention vote is far worse than a swing vote.




My first thought was filibluster.


So? That’s normal behaviour for McCarthy.
If/when they regain control of Congress, we can expect a total Scorched Earth policy of revenge.
I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they make good on the threat of installing You Know Who as SOH.

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Kevin, we already know you’re a whiny douchebag, you don’t have to keep trying to prove it to us.

Moderate democrats specifically, who seem to exclusively be running on a platform of “at least I’m not Trump”.

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