In America, "proximity and shared values" is all it takes to turn protesters into felons

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Dear America,

So long and thanks for all the fish.

American Expats


Anyone can play that game. Don’t be caught wearing a police uniform!


Easy way to start carving away eligible voters based on ideological leanings too…


Typically in these cases they drop the charges the next day. They only wanted to stifle dissent, not to create a whole swarm of martyrs and Supreme Court cases.


Would this mean that the prosecutor will have to present a theory of anarchism in court in order to bind the defendants under common cause?

Cuz that should be interesting…

And for the record, if you’ve ever been in a room full of anarchists you would know we can’t even agree on what to eat for lunch.


What do you think is different now? I mean, many people still have charges against them so this seems a change in tactics - perhaps even strategy.


Sorry, this is an exclusive game! Only the people prosecutors say are playing it get to play it.

It seems like in this case they’re going with the strategy they reserve for more serious crimes of trying to force plea deals that result in people doing time without ever having a trial. But to make that work, anyone who doesn’t take a deal has to get smacked down, hard, by prosecutors. They can’t reward those who don’t go along with their plan. It’s a far more serious, long-term means of stifling dissent.


This implies that prosecutors are also an exclusive game. But are they really, in the People’s 21st North Eastern Autonomous Zone?

So, anyone who shares beliefs and is in the proximity at some point of, say, a spree killer is also liable for that felony?

Looking at you, gun people. Do you want to be charged with a felony any time one of the sketchy guys at your gun club/Teaparty meeting goes nuts and kills somebody?


Wow, when they go for irony they cops really layer it on.


Some days I am willing to collectively punish anyone who knows the difference between a clip and a magazine


Those folks got together to shame the other protesters and bring violence to an important protest. Their intention was to subvert the protests against Trump’s inauguration. I"ve been to many protests where crazies like these folks undermined our efforts. They are no friends of civil rights or of the cause.

Gee, if you go into a store with a mask on and dressed in black and your friend you came in with dressed similarly robs the store you can expect to be charged with the robbery too. These guys dressed up and wore masks to participate in a violent disruption.

Thought crime is real now? This case sets a dangerous precedent in a time when Republicans are doing everything they can to outlaw dissent. First it’s everyone in black. Then it’s everyone at a protest. Then it’s all registered Democrats.


I’m not going to dispute that the black bloc are arseholes (even other left wing anarchists hate them), but the fact that the guy who shot the wobbly (at the anti-Milo protest in Seattle) is still free shows that there is an imbalance in who is being targeted.


200 guys in white robes go up to a black family’s house. 5 of them setup a cross and burn it. Would anyone here disagree with charging everyone in said robes?

Guess the 1st Amendment only applies if you agree with TGOP.

so much for making America great.

You know, you have a point. These are completely the same thing! Why, I was planning to don my white pointy robe with my nice little insignia on it at the rally today but then I realized that I might be guilty by association if one of my acquaintances set fire to a black church. Every rally has one of those guys. Ugh. We’ve tried so hard to get rid of them or at least stop them when we see what they’re about to do. Everyone harps on that one bit when we make so many good points about what a wonderful thing a white America would be!


at least until they could get one of their goons onto the supreme court.