In amusing side-by-side video, Trump boasts about border fence while people scale it for sport



And no one tried to explain Schneier’s law to him?

Any person can invent a security system so clever that she or he can’t think of how to break it.


I’m not even a liberal and this wall bothers me badty as it is both stupid and beyond wasteful.

The Berlin wall didn’t work and they used minefields, starving attack dogs and robot machine gun emplacements. What chance does this have? (and I am NOT advocating ANY of those methods, just to be clear.)

I’d rather we took this money and did something to help those messed up countrues work so their people would not need to flee the things that are driving them to come here. Start guest worker programs too, we seem to need that sort of thing rather badly. Honest programs, not things that rip off immigrants or pay them slave wages and treat them as disposable parts.

(And if that makes me a Liberal, so be it. Grin)

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