In case you were still wondering if the DCCC is corrupt

Progressive candidate Levi Tillemann met with Congressman Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, to make the case that the party should stay neutral in the Colorado primary and that he had a more plausible path to victory than the same centrism that the Republican incumbent had already beaten repeatedly.

Hoyer, however, had his own message he wanted to convey: Tillemann should drop out.

In a frank and wide-ranging conversation, Hoyer laid down the law for Tillemann. The decision, Tillemann was told, had been made long ago. It wasn’t personal, Hoyer insisted, and there was nothing uniquely unfair being done to Tillemann, he explained: This is how the party does it everywhere.

Tillemann had heard the argument before from D.C. insiders and local Democratic bigwigs, all of whom had discouraged him from challenging the establishment favorite. The only difference was that for this conversation, the candidate had his phone set to record.

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I expect more of these tapes to start bubbling up.

I think it’s crazy they haven’t yet.


he explained: This is how the party does it everywhere.

This is literally how every political party’s leadership has worked for over 200 years.


I think that in this particular case, the member of a national organisation forgot that in Colorado, only one party to a conversation needs to consent to recording it.


I didn’t tell you to be surprised about it.

But I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this is most definitely not what it says on the tin; hence the Intercept publishing a secret recording.

How’s business as usual working out, you reckon? Here’s a thought - before we abandon our institutions to their otherwise impending doom, how about we try operating them on the bases they were founded on?

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Isn’t the DCCC supposed to be backing candidates most likely to win elections, rather than candidates most likely to have forsaken the electorate in favour of big donors?

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